New Super Mario Bros. in a Frame – Polymer Clay Tutorial -

New Super Mario Bros. in a Frame – Polymer Clay Tutorial

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Let’s create a scenery from New super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and put it into a frame! I had the idea of framing my creations, because I have no space in my shelf anymore and now I can hang them all onto the walls 😀

Do you have any further ideas for Frame Polymer Clay Art other than Super Mario? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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  1. You should make more in the frames it so cool

  2. You should make more in the frames it’s really cool

  3. I like to see you make a BD from death stranding

  4. Make super smash bros ultimate green hill zone with the players and final smash and items

  5. this is great job and so relaxin to behold thumbs up !!

  6. " i am dissapointed that it is so exspensive" this guy just burned Nentendo to a crisp

  7. All the dislikes are from people who’re salty that they can’t do this

  8. He sounds very confused at times, when he has that tone in his voice and he has those slow moments

  9. I love the mario and the Koopa troopa anyways… how are you so good at that?

  10. donkey kong 3 how many play to blocks game over playtime is over

  11. It no Super mario bros deluxe, it MEGA MARIO DELUXE! 😀

  12. Could you share the image with clippings and without?

  13. Me ha gustado tu video Mario Bros en matemáticas favorita

  14. Need the photo you used i couldn't find the photo you used 🥺

  15. Super! Ich wollte so was immer schon mal machen von Super Mario World (Super Nintendo), aber ich bin mit Fimo völlig ungeübt und würde vermutlich einen Knödelyoshi und Kartoffelmario produzieren :/. Bei dir sieht alles so mühelos aus, das Zugucken tut richtig gut!

  16. Your clay creation rotation is sorta like George Washington Carver's idea of crop rotation!

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