New super Mario Bros: How to save Princess Peach? Lego Vs Original -

New super Mario Bros: How to save Princess Peach? Lego Vs Original

Tok Tok Family
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In this video, Lego Mario has to make his way through the worlds of New Super Mario Bros to save princess Peach. She is kidnapped by Bowser Jr.
Lego Mario will come across different enemies in this adventure: Bowser, Pokey, Mummipokey, Dry Bowser, Thwomp, Whomp, Cheep Cheep, Podoboo, Piranha Plant, peaty Piranha, Scuttlebug and much more.

Sets used in this video:
Adventures with Mario Starter Course 71360,
Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set 71369,
Character Packs – Series 3 71394 ,
Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge Expansion Set 71382,
Desert Pokey Expansion Set 71363,
Thwomp Drop Expansion Set 71376,
Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set 71364,
Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set 71368

Gameplay, editing, animation by Tok Tok Family
Thanks to bruce Lowell for the custom Lego Princess Peach, Petey Pirahna and Dolphin.



  1. Hi guys, how is everyone? For this video we have created Lego Mummipokey. If you have any ideas or characters that you would like to see in a video, please leave a comment.

  2. Giant Mario is SUPER POWERFUL, nothing can stop him!!

  3. I heard the Princess Peach’s castle set, it is going to be a microfigure, means the Princess Peach figure is going to be small?

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