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Minecraft Mindcrack Video – S6E192 – 3D Chess (Minecraft Videos)

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  1. its not difficult to visualize, it's impossible. if anyone ever told you they could visualize 4 dimensional objects, they were wrong and lying to you. there are tricks to help you frame them according to our own limited experience of space but thats as far as it goes beyond math on paper.

  2. At 1:15 Guude covers up a gap in the wall where a stone brick is missing and now it will forever eat at me knowing that it's missing underneath.

  3. Does he know he can fly? Because its painful watching him walk up and down.

  4. The funny thing is that mathematically chess becomes easier to play without loosing the more dimensions you add since the available moves grow exponentially.

  5. Totally love the inter dimensional, time travel, parallel universe conversation, super interesting hearing other people thinking about it and it’s a great topic because it’s not controversial like politics

  6. Wil Wheaton posited the 'what if the time travelers were the hired help' idea. That would be the best way for it to end, at least to me.

  7. I watched both fringe and sliders. There is a tv show on syfy called Dark Matter, but its different than the book( at least I think so, only watch first season)

  8. 4th dimension is generally considered to be time, right?

  9. Чувак откуда 400к сабов? 5к просмотров на видео и 400к подписчков? какого хуя?

  10. There are actually between 2 and 13 dimensions in our universe, depending on the hypothesis you subscribe to. The multi-verse you're discussing is one aspect of the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and would lend itself to there being several extra dimensions.

  11. There's several versions of 3D chess, there's the Star Trek version and a version that uses several normal chess boards in layers and others.

  12. That movie Jeff is talking about sounds kind of like Primer.

  13. gods, Guude, you really need to play Zero Escape: The Nonary Games. the movies and stuff you talk about in this episode…

  14. There was a really interesting video on YouTube somewhere that helps you visualise easily what 4th dimension and beyond looks like in spatial transformation. Can't find it though.

    Basically a tesseract is a cube extracted from another cube with the joints connected. Similar to how a square can be thought of as two lines with the joints connected.

  15. You know till this episode, I don't think I ever realised exactly HOW much you guys shaped me as a kid (about 4/5 years ago when I used to watch you guys religiously)(Holy fuck it's been THAT long??)
    Main reason I realise this is cause whatever you guys talk about this episode is all stuff I'm hella interested in general, and like up till a short while ago, stuff I was working to make my career, so this is all reaaaaally cool to me.

    Keep doing you Guude <3

  16. what exactly is the deal with this mega wheat farm? is it just to have something to fill the videos with?

  17. Well watch Carl Sagan's teaching about the 4th dimension. I think that's what Jsano was trying to explain. Like a 2D being can't 'see' a 3D being fully, just the 2D representation of it. So we, as 3D beings can only perceive the 3D representation of a 4D being.

  18. Hearing Jeff talk about tesseracts is so funny, like every 16 year old that comes upon that stuff on Youtube late at night.

  19. Time this take in Survival, Creative, and World Edit: Survival takes 100 hours, Creative takes 75 hours, World Edit takes 3 Hours.

  20. No…. I'm all caught up. Now what am I going to binge?

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