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MineCraft Chess Game

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MineCraft Chess Game High School 3d Animation Class


  1. I'll return only if the channel reaches 1K subs says:

    So fucking nostalgic

  2. Well done! I really enjoyed how each of the pieces worked!

  3. Nice. But moving the side pawn is the worst first move you can make in chess. (the middle of the board is the most important spot)

  4. the king on the mob side shuld be herobrine

  5. Это партия не то что горно оно не правильно! Грубите ошибки у стива/белых кто так короля без защити оставит и почему ферзь именно курица ест ж еше житель

  6. Awesome but its like the Steve side wasnt trying.

  7. I liked it a lot.Audio or not it was still good.I'm only 12 and I love chess.It is a good way to challenge 2 people's knowledge against each other's, so for all the people who say this video sucks then why don't you try to do it instead.I know it would be harder for the people that always say more about how good they are and how bad people are at everything when they can't do any of the things that they say they are the best at, so whoever is one of those people that read this.Stop it you idiots

  8. Excuse me I meant to say"the people who do that.You only bark and no bite."

  9. Enderman should have been the Knight since he can teliport.
    Wither could be the king.

  10. s had sound effects and music this would a amazinger video while its till pretty cool you made this!

  11. What the heck? Steve was supposed to win and was supposed to be white.

  12. Hahahaha that so funny haaahaaahaha


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