Math for Game Programmers: Interaction With 3D Geometry -

Math for Game Programmers: Interaction With 3D Geometry

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In this 2013 GDC talk, Intel’s Stan Melax shares some useful tools for programmers to help render avatars that can interact with 3D Geometry in games.

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  1. I've been developing 3D games for 2 years and Modding for longer, I've run into problems with the Geometry of shapes before sure, but this just seems way to complicated. Why not use the hundreds of tools available to do this for you? I've spent hundreds on tools to assist with shading, physics, and scripting. I've never heard of this in my life. What modern game dev has to do this from scratch anymore? This just seems like a huge waste of time.

  2. hey, im programmer and 3d student, this will fill well.

  3. thakns for this overview. it is exactly the list of referencable topcis i am looking for right know. perfect timing.

  4. Lost me 15 minutes in. Shows what I know. Time to brush up it seems.

  5. Hey that's the guy that programmed MDK! He's got another talk about how they did collision in that game.

  6. I guessed he was a professional body builder but i think i was wrong

  7. Nice, got to dig into the implicit Euler stuff.

  8. Fantastic Lecture. It's nice to see just how many different ways relatively basic Trig and Linear Algebra can be used to solve these kinds of problems. It really encourages you to think outside the box of your preconceived notions of how math is supposed to be applied to 3D game geometry and showcases how rewarding some lateral problem solving skills can be.

    Every day I discover a new way in which all the math I picked up in college is inexhaustibly useful.

  9. 1:14 Yep, if a math illiterate like John Carmack can succeed then basic school math should suffice.

  10. Oh, cool! I've had that numerical drift problem happen to me without realizing the name for it! I was implementing some orbiting bodies, and at first I did it by setting their velocity normal to the vector between their position and the origin, but they (as the name implies) slowly drifted away. I didn't even realize it until I walked away from my computer while it was running, and came back and saw their orbits had dramatically grown, haha.

  11. Thank you for this awesome overview, I learned a lot, but please, Runge is pronounced somewhat like Roongeh, my ears ^_^.

  12. fantastic talk, theme and speaker. Thanks for the upload, it was very insightful!

  13. To get the normal and the area of a triangle without picking an odd man out, use `Area = 1/2* |a×b+b×c+c×a|` and ` n = unit(a×b+b×c+c×a)`.

  14. Does anyone have the presentation slides from this?

  15. I have talked a lot with ppl on reddit 3d graphics subreddit and many
    others about if it would be possible to do today what Carmack did in the
    90's in term of 3d engine development etc and trying to build a engine
    who would/could rival Unreal 5 etc the consensus I received was that
    it's impossible to build a large engine alone theses days because they
    are 100x more complex than in the 90's and there is over 100 dev working
    on Unreal all time .. but it would be possible for a 3d graphics
    programmer to build a small 3d room like a 3d shooter to show all the
    examples he learned kinda like a portfolio if you want… mirror,
    reflection, water, light etc etc

    I wanted what's your opinion
    about all this and if it's a waste of time to learn 3d graphics theses
    days if the industry as a whole is standardizing on Unreal…

    Thank you for your time

  16. Excellent talk it's been always a mystery to me how physics engines work, and this talk provided great insight! Would definitely buy a book written by this guy. Thanks sir <3

  17. I am a web application Developer(Java) and I realise how dumb I am compared to these guys. All we web developer do is learn frameworks, use API's built by people smarter than us and do CRUD operations with a Database.
    I think we should stop calling ourselves developers, its an insult to real developers. 🙁

  18. How privileged I am to have received a recommendation for a video in 2020, published on youtube in 2017, recorded in 2013 AND STILL

    complain about it

  19. What the fuck is this guy saying. If you feel lost, get a book on computational geometry, not this. Sorry but he did not seem prepared. He kept restarting his explanations and changing midway.

  20. Is it cross product is used when they are multiplanar and dot products used when they are coplanar? Because that is more logical

  21. Could time line math is better than the matrix calculated of vector in animate 3 dimensional irregular geometry? By writing timer control of light interference points is much smaller In data and faster in processing time?

  22. Inverse matrix is a way to yield a neutral result

  23. I need to sit down with a pen and paper and some action figures and visualize this shit more. It's too abstract still for me

  24. There are some math but dont worry about it, it just easy!
    Me: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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