Mario's funniest new GOOMBA level in Super Mario 3D World! (Funny Super Mario 3D World mod) -

Mario’s funniest new GOOMBA level in Super Mario 3D World! (Funny Super Mario 3D World mod)

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The funniest Mario goomba level EVER MADE in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury! This goomba enemy spam/ “Little Timmy” level by Mayro is absolutely hilarious, and it’s so funny to see giant goombas, pancake goombas, and goombas of all sizes chasing after Mario in this Super Bell Hill mod!

I’ve tested what happens if you put 1000 goombas on a single block before – and in today’s video, we play a hilarious Super Mario 3D World mod by Mayro where the level is completely filled with as many goombas as possible! Check out Mayro!! We’re going to playing some more levels from this “enemy spam” mod that Mayro made, so make sure you’re subscribed so that you’ll be notified when new videos come out 😀

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Max goombas/ max koopas – 0:00
Intro/ explanation – 0:07
Level start – 0:19
GIANT Goombas – 0:26
Goomba swarm – 0:41
Giant goomba swarm – 0:56
First green star – 1:09
Tall goombas – 1:20
Goomba traffic cam – 1:38
Goombas sneaking up on Mario – 2:08
Rabbit and goomba island – 2:25
Second green star – 2:49
Cat goombas – 3:00
Goombas consuming a rabbit – 3:10
Stamp room with huga galoombas – 3:25
Rabbit and double cherry – 3:50
Funny backwards cat goombas – 4:30
Thick pancake goombas – 4:42
Third green star area – 5:10
Crowd-surfing goombas – 5:30
Goombas shot out of a clear pipe – 6:05
Double cherry platform – 6:20
Double Marios – 7:10
Goombas chasing Mario – 7:30
Two Marios at the end of the level – 7:53
1000s of goombas all together – 8:30

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  1. The big GOOMBA blockade and pls wanna know how to get the the level editor for 3d world and Bowsers fury

  2. Good luck getting 100k subscribers Many you deserve it for the hard work you put into your videos and modding. I have subscribed so your one step closer to 100k. 🙂

  3. I bet Bowser was tired of losing agains Mario and sent out his whole Goomba squad at once. 😀

    And technically, the level could be named Super Goomba Hill. 😁

  4. Cat goomba 1: okay how do we defeat mario?
    Cat goomba 2: -__-
    Cat goomba 3: >[]<
    Cat goomba 1: wuz up?
    Cat goomba 3: so we- dies from mario
    Cat goomba 1 & 2: CHARGE!!-gets stomped on

  5. These Goombad have… buitiful… faces and ugly bodies

  6. It’s super interesting to see this many Goombas because Nintendo are boring and didn’t add this many goombas to there games

  7. Mario should have surrendered when he could

  8. for your next video i want you to see if you can add more spirixes
    or maybe new bosses because i want to see that you can add more bosses and if there is no boss to fight it would be TOO EASY

  9. I wonder what Mario feels when he dies.

  10. Me: "creeper"
    ZXMany: "aw man"

    Go to 4:40 to see what I mean. 🙂

  11. ZXMany's hardware is harder to destroy than title defense sandman or the dirt on my glasses wow

  12. Bowser be like:
    "I see this as an absolute win!"

    …but he lost.

  13. In the first like few seconds in super bell hill the gommbas SPEW OUT LIKE A SINK

    Just think of gommbas spewing out of your sink

  14. My son asked what if you made gravity super heavy instead of light so Mario could barely jump. How many of the levels could you beat without the ability to jump very far if at all?

  15. This level should be called Many Goomba Hill

  16. The cherry platforms remind me of those in treasure tracker. The double cherries return in that game

  17. Zx many: goes through a lot to get double cherry. Me, thinking outside of the box: what about multiplay3r?

  18. "We are safe up here" a million goomba's just spawn right after LOL XD


  20. no wonder why mario didnt watch the super mario brothers super show he became a goomba

  21. The game crash when mario gets double cherry

  22. Now this is the stuff that should be in a museum ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

  23. this level should be called super goba hill

  24. Please play minecraft😃😃😃😃😃😃

  25. @ZXMany 5:43 The Goombas couldn't really reach you, they just jumped up and got you. After a while, enemies stop chasing you, or, in this case, trying to reach you, and the Goombas did. But once they did, after a second, they noticed you again, and when a Goomba notices or sees you, it jumps. However, since there were many Goombas, when they jumped up, one of them got pushed on top of the other ones, and then, it reached you.

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