Mario Party 9 - Boss Rush (Master Difficulty) -

Mario Party 9 – Boss Rush (Master Difficulty)

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Full walkthrough of the Boss Rush mode in Mario Party 9 on Nintendo Wii (Master Difficulty)

01:08 Lakitu
02:20 Wiggler
03:52 Whomp
06:37 King Bob-Omb
09:32 Dry Bones
11:26 King Boo
12:50 Cheep Cheep
14:29 Blooper
16:13 Spike
18:07 Chain Chomp
21:01 Bowser Jr
24:35 Bowser


  1. You got the highest score of that mini game and you were able to defeat 3 master level computers.

  2. Master difficulty is harder than I impossible

  3. 00:00 ……………………………………………………………..

  4. My childhood while watching this: bonjour

  5. I would always watch this in my childhood

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  7. It is so expensive now but dont worry when my mom gets her stimulus oh hell yeah were getting this mario party 9 is my childhood and i want to go back to it

  8. Nice Mario party Top game so nice 😊🙂😄

  9. why did mario win?

  10. My favorite bosses are: Whomp, bowser jr, and king boo

  11. まりおちょっとよまれようしょ

  12. Bowser is my first favourite on Boss rush and King bomb omb

  13. Mario and Luigi are my favourite characters

  14. Dry bones are my best character in mario kart

  15. Il boss più difficile del gioco e Bowser

  16. When iwas a kid i watch this in my computer

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