Mario Odyssey but the people are bigger (funny Mario mod by ZXMany) -

Mario Odyssey but the people are bigger (funny Mario mod by ZXMany)

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In this very funny Mario Odyssey mod, it’s amazing to see GIANT PEOPLE vs Mario in the Metro Kingdom in NEW DONK CITY, and we keep making the people bigger and bigger every 20 seconds until the game crashes or we can’t get bigger! We also make VERY SMALL people, getting smaller randomly! This funny Super Mario Odyssey challenge mod is made by ZXMany 😀


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My first time EVER playing Minecraft –

Intro/ explanation – 0:00
Mario Odyssey very big and very small people – 0:08
One rule – giant Pauline – 0:15
2x bigger people in Mario Odyssey – 0:35
Speech bubble in the wrong spot – 0:49
Tall people in New Donk City – 1:13
Giant Pauline – 1:35
Large people sitting at tables in New Donk City – 2:02
Funny cursed warped Mario characters – 2:17
Talking to tall people – 2:34
Funny group calm down and fighting Mario – 2:42
4x bigger than normal people in Metro Kingdom – 3:01
People closer together – 3:28
Happy family photo – 3:40
CURSED Jump Rope minigame in Mario Odyssey – 3:59
Tall people in Metro Kingdom boss – 4:42
Funny cursed warped Mario character with Cappy – 5:15
Tall people vs Metro Kingdom building – 5:58
Mayor Pauline + giant people sitting down – 6:26
Funny cursed warped Mario characters – 7:00
Head-butting his friend – 7:43
Dancing lady – 7:58
Hilarious legs on New Donk City Mario character – 8:15
New Donk City people fighting – 8:45
10x bigger than normal people Metro Kingdom – 9:00
Secretly Wolverine claw hand people in New Donk City – 9:31
Mayor Pauline with tiny face – 10:19
Guy missing the top of his head – 11:00
50x bigger than normal people in Metro Kingdom – 11:14
Talking to giant people and looking at New Donk City – 12:04
Incredibly low-poly characters from New Donk City Hall – 12:41
Half-size people in Metro Kingdom – 13:37
Tiny people vs Mario – 14:00
Cursed Jump Rope minigame NPCs – 14:14
Cappy vs half-size people – 14:30
How to use a chair with – 14:54
10x smaller than normal people Metro Kingdom – 15:09
People sunk in the road vs Mario and Cappy – 15:43
Tiniest people with chairs and new Mario Odyssey boss – 16:13
Tiniest Mayor Pauline – 16:43
100x bigger and 1000x bigger people – 17:01
Thank you for watching – 17:06
Outro – 17:16

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  1. The bigger they are, the more they walk like in a very old Video Game. So robotic😂 at 15:55 Mario turns into squidward 😂

  2. this is even more horific also sad me cause i have a headace

  3. Suggestion: Increase the size of the dinosaur to see how the game can handle it, or even Increase the size of the Brutals!!!

  4. Mario seeing giant
    Mario: how did I get here

  5. Why is the police car a meme now it is so funny

  6. 50x Big Its Just Like Attack On Titans But Instead Its Only Mario And Cappy Who Deafeat The Titans And The Normal People The Titans

  7. Idea Why Not Put The Sword Attack File From Skyward Hd To Mario In Mario 3D World

  8. 15:44 man: sorry mario but i made you lose your job
    Mario: face palm

  9. Bro, I laughed so much XD And the "Highly illegal" Things are SOO amazing XDD every video should have this "Highly illegal" thing in it! Lol

  10. zxmany's channel is so large people have to enforce laws here now

  11. The people are OMEGA PEOPLE like the buttons XD we need more can you do OMEGA MARIO

  12. Add two times bigger they look as big as the Giants

  13. I love how you use the same png for every police car lol

  14. It's like every video now is to look at Mario so he doesn't do something illegal

  15. this was soooooooooooo funny its amazing have you ever speed runed smo

  16. I’m not the only one who saw things that were more rated m right

  17. super mario oddesey looks fun, too bad I dont have the game ):

  18. I mean congrats on 124K subscribers!!!!🎉

  19. You curated your first video in 100 years

  20. 1 person is me in my summer school

  21. Simon the Believier bogalo4 A bringer of AMOGUS says:

    Finally, Titanfall 3

  22. the police jokes are not funny anymore ok
    it was good the first 2 times but now its just boring

  23. Please complete this game 100%.

    because i really want to see reaction to this game.

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