Mario Almost Dies in All Super Smash Bros Ultimate Reveal Trailers (HD Cutscenes Movie) -

Mario Almost Dies in All Super Smash Bros Ultimate Reveal Trailers (HD Cutscenes Movie)

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A compilation of Mario almost dying in every Super Smash Bros. Wii U & Super Smash Bros Ultimate Trailer for the Nintendo Switch.
The latest Newcomer is Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7.


  1. Good thing he stocked up on 1-up mushrooms

  2. Am I the only one who gets joy seeing Mario get beat up? I mean seeing him win all the time does get annoying.

  3. what if they add among us in super smash bros ultimate

  4. Watching This Makes Me Feel Like They Should Make A Super Smash Bros Tv Show, Like A Series

  5. nintendo is trying to get sega on their side.

  6. Smash bros is basically just about every game fighting to see which one is the best

  7. Luigi died by Simon's and Richter's reveal trailer and Mario also or almost died by every reveal trailer when he's around. The brothers just had a bad time in Smash

  8. Bro kirby Flying on that Star gave me so much anxiety

  9. love how Sephiroth could've killed Mario but just decided NAH IM GOOD

  10. I'm not sure if Mario can keep up this 'pretending to be a hero' thing

  11. Sephiroth was proof that the reason Byleth was hated wasn't because they were anime swordsmen, but because people didn't know who they were.

  12. Alternative title: Mario nearly fucking dies multiple times

  13. kirby fell face flat on to the floor 😂

  14. the second mega man showed up in the first part the mii channel music started on my wii

  15. I'm convinced youtube/Google knows what were gonna say or think before we say it…mind control is real af…I was about to say something on a serious post, about a super serious topic…and all of a sudden my app restarted before I started typing with a warning I've never seen before…well played YT wellplayed

    Had to post this shit somewhere…I cant get back to the video I was on

  16. Minecarft: you will just respawn eventually

  17. Why wasnt Luigi in the bowser jr. Trailer

  18. Can we give respect to all the racers who stopped for Luma and Kirby?

  19. This is the same game where purple dragons can delete you from this mortal plane via dragging your face against the ground at 88% the speed of sound causing you to become a nice red carpet except instead of fabric its your intestines flesh and bones

  20. I'm still curious how long Sephiroth was going to let Mario hang like that XD I mean, he just let him hang on his sword for a while.

  21. 4:26 the koopaling are children of bowser's twin brother whose name from that blue bowser from super mario the lost level is called Morton koopa by morton koopa jr I name him morton xd.

  22. mario: actually fucking dies
    nintendo: “anyways look at this new character”

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