Making a Large 3D Printed Chess Set -

Making a Large 3D Printed Chess Set

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Minimal Look Chess Set:

Large Scale Chess Board:

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  1. My brother called me a week ago, asked me if I could make him a Dragon Chess set.. I thought about it. and I said .. hmm this sounds like a great excuse to purchase a dual extruder machine. so it can Mirror and print a copy in both colors at the same time.. both Kings at once.. one in black, one in white ( or your colors of choice) .. then I thought. boy, I have a LOT of ABS rolls, I should get an Enclosed one. they're all fairly inexpensive these days.. ( less than $300 – $600) Not a bad price for dual enclosed extruders.. IMO.. so hoping to cut down that build time, and not spend 200 hrs on it. 🙂 .. Just a hard time figuring out which one to get.. LOLBut GREAT setup.. Quick question.. are the chess pieces infill 100%?? which I'm thinking of making mine. ( I know it iwll be a LOT of filament) but. I like Heavy pieces .. incase i'm playing outside..

  2. For some reason I'm really craving watermelon… 🙂

  3. Those are the smallest bad dragon products I've seen 🙂

  4. I’m watching vids on people 3D printing chess set’s, and while I’m watching this i have all really printed half the pieces. I’m extremely mad I did not do this .Great good with ur board tho.😢👏. Also the pawns look a tad like little……… things

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