Making a Chess Board and All of Its Pieces - Including the Horse, the Castle, and the Pointy One! -

Making a Chess Board and All of Its Pieces – Including the Horse, the Castle, and the Pointy One!

Chris Salomone
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In this video I am building a chess board that could also be a cutting board if you felt like it. I made a couple chess boards a few years ago, and always wanted to do a new version and improve some aspects from my original design, so that is exactly what I did. There are a lot of interesting techniques in this one including, checkerboard veneers, mitered frames, cross lap joints, and more.

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  1. Bishop – 0 IQ
    Piece that moves in diagonals – 50 IQ
    The piece with the same valuable as the knight – 100 IQ
    The pointy one – 1000000000000000000000 IQ

  2. there's something zen-like in Shaun's vids. can't have enough, don't @ me, lol. music is great, as always. the project? oh, sorry, I was meditating… but, honestly, projects on this channel are on point: stylish, aesthetic, sleek!

  3. Pointy one! Hahaha. That's an insult to the chess, but for sure, a tolerable one!

  4. Shaun: The comments can't stop me, because i cant read11!11!!

  5. Ha probado hacer las cosas sin maquinaria? No sé donde está el arte en hacer las cosas sin que le falte una herramienta eléctrica…..

  6. The horse, castle and pointy one. I'm having a heart attack

  7. I absolutely love the aesthetic of the squared, sort of abstracted pieces.

  8. Legend says he is still talking about things to put on the ledge

  9. Hey Chris, little thing I think would make this set a lot better: you can drill a shallow hole at the bottom of each piece and add a metal piece to make the pieces weighted.

  10. I enjoyed this video and your craftsmanship.

  11. Really enjoy it. Let's check Stodoys plans also.

  12. As an amateur with woodworker, I typically feel overpowered with the entire arrangement. Be that as it may, this arrangements drove me through with much clarity and effortlessness I now work like a genius. That is great!

  13. chess i can made me laugh so hard i dont know why such a super dad joke XD

  14. Wheres the weight? Those pieces gonna fell easy

  15. New here, the guy in the outro was out for blood man, he wasa little too ready for that rook pinch.

  16. Well… I’d assume when the title says all of them… it means all of themZ

  17. is this piece of art up for sale?

  18. love your humor! nice work. I think I'll make one too.

  19. Has no one pointed out the Jonathan Katz-Moses cameo? I looked through a bunch of the comments and didn't see him mentioned.

  20. why did you take all the depth off the material? Why not just use that? All my boards are at least a half inch think. I have a few that are more than 3 so they double as a great butcher block.

  21. the moment I heard, Chess I can, I liked the video…

  22. Doctor: Oversimplifed chess pieces don't exist. They can't hurt you.

    Oversimplified chess pieces:

  23. What a fantstic design, I almost want to play chess again.

  24. The music sounds you're making the chessboard in space. Lol. Pretty damn cool.

  25. How is what you do self explanatory? I mean not everyone knows how to use a hammer. I think you down play you're talent. I mean I wouldn't know where start when trying to make a chessboard let alone the wood you should use for it.

  26. We get a lot of comments on this video about Shaun referring to the pieces as "the Horse, the Castle, and the Pointy One". Some people think he is serious (probably a vocal minority)… well let me just clear the air. He 100% thinks they are called the Horse, the Castle, and the Pointy One. I haven't had the heart to correct him, and all of your commenting won't help as he can't read, and doesn't know how to operate a computer. For the record, he also refers to the Queen, King, and Pawns, as the Mom, the Dad, and the Babies respectively.

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