Make Your Online Games POP With Your 3D Printable Models -

Make Your Online Games POP With Your 3D Printable Models

3D Printed Tabletop
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Let’s talk about ways to use 3D minis and renders in online games.

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Tabletop Simulator Blender to Unity Guide:
TaleSpire Heroforge Guide:

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✌Currently Printing On:
Resin – Elegoo Mars 2 Pro –
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Filament/Resin I Use:
FDM – eSun PLA+ Gray –
FDM – eSun PLA+ Brown –
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✂️Supplies I used often:
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  1. Got this notification while leveling my ender 5

  2. Can you make a video about how do you find and decide what you want and need to print for yourself? i find it extremely difficult to decide what to print and to know what to search for. I talk mostly about picturing the room in 3d and scatter and terrain pieces.

  3. Really interesting topic for a video. Thanks Danny!

  4. This'll give me something to do with all those Patreon/Kickstarter files I've been buying in anticipation of owning a printer…

  5. Oh I did not realize this was a new vid. Hi

  6. Has anyone created some full colour 3D models for Gloomhaven TTS?
    I Would love have TTS gloomhaven up and running with 3D models for the monsters and hidden characters.

  7. This is one of the most helpful videos I've seen on this topic! All fabulous suggestions now that we have so many players going all digital.

  8. Love this! I've been uploading my minis to TTS for a while now, and it's been awesome for the multiple d&d games I am in! Now that I know how to make a textured model for it, I plan on reuploading all of my fully colored miniatures over time !

  9. I can't believe that the upgrade of editing a render to making your own custom color renders is going from perfectly good water to SunnyD of all things

  10. This is exceptionally well tuned, since Talespire just announced their collaboration to fully integrate Heroforge into their system!

  11. well I found this channel at like 400 subs but I'm finally getting a printer!

  12. Awesome video m8! And congratz on another successful KS!!!

  13. How cute, you think I judge you silently.

  14. So true, my pile of downloaded shame is huge too. And dont forget all these Steam games i bought in a steam sale or from Humble bundle I havent even downloaded. And Humble bundle books, oh boy 😿. And yeah, plenty unpainted Rackham miniatures, … Like your channel and learned so much about 3D printing.

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