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Learn how you can use the 3D Game Kit to create game levels without writing any code.

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  1. your not me what do at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. btw if I export this, would the file be above 4 GB? And how do I use this 3d game kit on other projects?

  3. I don’t know a single thing about programming so I hope this vid will help me make a game

  4. a regular person would think "wow that looks so complex" but as you get more expirienced you realize its not that hard

  5. Every Other YouTuber: Welcome to todays Unity video, this video is sponsored by Quidd.

    Brackeys: Welcome to this Unity video, this video is sponsored by Unity.

  6. This is great my c# never works when I follow your tutorials

  7. How do you employment youre own prefabs with the quick things olso animate it

  8. out of all of the youtubers that do these tutorials brackeys is best hes loud and clear go through each step and is easy to follow

  9. Just seeing this in 2021!!!! Subbed in first 30 secs cuz i laughed so hard bro! Man your awesome AF! Thats me sitting there on that blank screen right NOW!!!!!!

  10. it says import parameters got modified when I try entering play mode

  11. bro he is so helpful with his videos, thanks for the help

  12. But a game made by programming has its own fun.

  13. can you use this to make a multiplayer game or an FPS game

  14. This may take me many years, but I will try and devote myself to creating an improved version of war thunder, making the grind easier and the game more enjoyable. This has set the mark of the begging of my journey, wish me luck

    -An exhausted war thunder player.

  15. It took ages to import!!!!
    More than 20 mins on my RIG

  16. Pakek bahasa Indonesia Napa.. goblok! Bahasa kok rusia

  17. What code or coding method do they use in boss battles to do the thing where the shadow predicts the hitting or crashing spot of falling things like hammers and falling rocks?

  18. U deserve a new subscriber and thats me!!

  19. empty unity environment, cries in frustration

    this video is * click * NOICE

  20. I love this now I don’t have to use different engines

  21. sa ne marche pas je vous le jure en tout cas pour mon pc

  22. Anyone got any idea why the collider doesn't work on the monument? I've tried turning it on, making sure it's got the right mesh selected. It's just not having any of it

  23. as a non programmer.this video really helped!

  24. Thank you this is a good way to learn the lay of the land this is very helpfull.

  25. Pls show is a tutorial on how we can receive payment from Unity

  26. what about android to make it like controls because i am new ._.

  27. Awesome info my friend. im still beginer in unity. hahaha

  28. Nice, now I need a guide where i can get the art as well..

  29. Maya used to be frEE, now I am just using unitY…

  30. how can we make our own game level ? with different character ground and props ? without coding

  31. it is very good I like this game i make my own thank u very much

  32. I dont think this is making a game.. I heard a lot people saying "I made game" with just dragging and dropping assets. For me this isnt making a game. It just designing a level.

  33. Girls:ew why do we wear the same dress

    Unity games made with 3d game kit: -_-

  34. Me with low end PC thinking will it blow up:😬😬

  35. Thank you so much for this video 👍🏻👌🏻✌🏻

  36. @Brackeys, is there any scripts for a leveling system and EXP or XP system ?. or should i get something off the Unity Marketplace ?.

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