Luigi Wins by Using His Feet: Mario Party Superstars FULL GAME! (Yoshi's Tropical Island) -

Luigi Wins by Using His Feet: Mario Party Superstars FULL GAME! (Yoshi’s Tropical Island)

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MARIO PARTY SUPERSTARS but Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing – I mean, by using his feet! All characters in Mario Party Superstars are amazing, and today we play the FULL GAME BOARD Yoshi’s Tropical Island in Mario Party Superstars (some of the all 100 minigames/ best 100 minigames/ top 100 minigames in Mario Party Superstars!) with Mario vs Luigi vs Peach vs Yoshi, but Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing with his hands, so Luigi uses feet only in this Mario challenge!! Many funny Mario minigames, amazing Super Mario minigames in the new Mario Party on Nintendo Switch!!

We play all free-for-all minigames, 2 vs 2 minigames, 1 vs 3 minigames, survival minigames, sports minigames, and coin minigames!! AMAZING Mario Party Superstars Challenge with ALL 100 Minigames from all Mario Party Games, up to Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10!

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Luigi wins by absolutely using his feet intro Mario Party Superstars – 0:00
Luigi wins by absolutely using his feet intro Mario Party Superstars – 0:07
Amazing journey/ hand rest – 49:26
Thank you for watching – 50:42
Outro – 50:49



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  1. ''Cool Videos And Who Find This Video At 10 Second Claim Your Within Ticket''

  2. Can u do a tutorial on spotlight and cemu because I’m new to the modding community

  3. ZXMany's 1% of his power beats everyone's %250 power and still wins! This is what we call:


  4. Yoshi is so mean! I mean he is targeting the disabled

  5. Next up, Luigi wins by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

  6. Everyone- Luigi wins by doing nothing
    ZXmany- Luigi wins by using his feet

  7. Please play more Minecraft and if you do you should add some mods

  8. I got to this video by looking on you,re chanell (after subscribing) you,re my favorite youtuber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. ZXMany: I’m kinda addicted to making YouTube videos and don’t wanna stop

    Alan Walker X: Wow, u really still make daily videos even when you’re injured. I’m impressed, nice video and I hope your hands get better.

  11. i literally thought luigi would use his feet and not his arms and walk on his hands lol

  12. Can play Paper Mario the Origami King next time with your feet?

  13. That was good gaming I’ve done it but in Super Mario party 10

  14. Sometimes I feel like ZXMany is better with his feet then I am with my hands. But only sometimes.
    Thanks for the amazing video ZXMany, I hope your hands feel better every hour!

  15. wait maybe you can win by doing absolutly NOTHING

  16. Wow, Luigi wins by doing something for a change.
    Nice work out there, ZXMany. 👍

  17. You are actually really good at playing with you feet I literally watched through the whole video it was so intense and interesting it was amazing and I noticed at the end the stars were 1,2,3,4

  18. Luigi didn’t have his keyboard he just uses his feet to play the game. 2:29 i love that scream! It got me! 2:59 With your feets yeah! 3:40 LOL Yoshi just wanted to tell Luigi is playing the board with his feets. 11:18 LOL That was the best scream ever! 13:07 IS LUIGI FARTING?! 15:36 rip everyone. 17:45 MARIO WHY DID YPU DESTROY YOUR FRIENDS NOW YOU HAVE A 100% CHANCE OF BOWSER SPACE NOW! FACE IT! 21:42 Lucky! 24:43 Ok i think this- lol love how you cut it! 26:22 01111111111111% Chance of a 1 IT WAS SENT TO YOU! Nice! 28:19 WHY MARIO WHY WOUKD HOU DO THAT! 30:22 Close Call.But you did it! 34:49 he gets all the coin back! 39:26 :Toad:Am i a joke to you? 41:02 LOL true! 42:43 why dose that house looks like its mailbox is like from a animal crossing game? 45:01 Yoshi teleports peach. 45:21 Peach teleports Yoshi back to their spot. No change. They just wasted the warp box. 46:59 pause at the white screen. is his games. Thanks for showing us these! Never knew you were going to to this! 49:56 And his feets.

  19. I subscribed and I am parker from that other video on a new iPad

  20. and I each on my Nintendo switch

  21. Inspired by natural bandy

  22. Canyou make a video 10 min thats just ads? It might give u some money and I would watch it.

  23. I knew that you could go to the other side in paint misbehaving

  24. @ZXMany, what is your real name, how old are you, and where do you live?

  25. If you pull back in the snow mini game, you can go backwards and if you pull forward, you go further

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