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Level UP: Mario’s Balloon Cruise

Level UP
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After defeating Bowser’s Mega Submarine, Mario takes to the skies in his Hot Air Balloon!
But can he survive hoards of Balloon-attached enemies? 🎈
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Characters and Music by Nintendo/Tater-Tot Tunes/ Neo-Midgar/HeatleyBros

Some Mario customs by Jon speedarts:

Mario Sunshine boss battle remix by Tater-Tot Tunes:

SMB3 Airship remix by Neo-Midgar:

8 bit summer (outro theme) by HeatleyBros:

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  1. IDKlab (-’๏_๏’-) I don't know! says:

    New boss! It should be called goomballoon

  2. Man, these episodes take so long to get made, but every time they do it's always worth it. Not only that, but each one expands the mechanics of the world this takes place in. For example, this was the first time Mario's ever used a powerup in the episode based videos (outside of the 1-up mushroom). It's also now canonical that popping a balloon in this universe sounds like the Bloons TD pop sound clip, which is a more satisfying than serious note.

  3. That ballon pop sound… did you use bloons td? I love that game series

  4. 4:25 Blood
    It's been a long time since I've seen blood in a Level Up animation

  5. This is genuinely one of the most creative and fun fanmade animations for Mario – or any Nintendo game, really – that I've seen in a while! I love all the ways that the core idea gets explored.

  6. Listen. As much as I would like to binge watch all of these interesting videos, I must explain to you something. You probably forgot, but……………
    You really should continue the Mario craft series, and if you don’t……………

    Y O U A R E G O N N A H A V E A B A D T I M E

  7. チャンネル登録と高評価しました

  8. How the hell did I just now find this YouTube channel….I should have know about this

  9. This looks like it would be an extremely difficult game.

  10. Mario using a power up! And the Super Acorn at that, that's good to see 😀

  11. Waiting for train and jet

  12. Team level up, please make Mario Craft 5. Pllsssss😭

  13. "I hate talking on the radio."
    – Bowser in 2021

  14. How to animate like you i like these mario animations

  15. This Is beautiful animation, and I wish it could be in game

  16. those goombas probably will join the gold goomba after they destroyed the Zeplin

  17. these balloons should also come in smm2!😃

  18. ヒゲオヤジゲーム [HigeOyajiGame] says:

    I am mario😎

  19. Plz send goomba revolution fast its soooooo cool

  20. he makes his videos like its a actual game

  21. Maybe the next part will be Mario fights the goombas

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