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Let’s play a simple game of Chess. With Time Travel. ft. Anna Chess

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This is a simple game of chess that anyone can play across any number of realities
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Special thanks to @Anna Rudolf for joining me for this stream!

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Everything you see in my videos is edited livestream highlights taken from my Twitch channel. My schedule is Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm – all times based in Ireland.

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Music is Chrono Trigger – Main Theme & Battle Theme.


  1. It’s so cool seeing Daniel use the Chrono Trigger theme in the vid

  2. I will watch literally anything with chrono trigger music, it just automatically makes me happy

  3. pushes up glasses "its really quite simple, you see"

  4. The Chrono Trigger Music fitted so well
    This is the Chrono Series Board Game

  5. i can now see why this game is classified a psychological horror

  6. this is 5Dimensional chess im not even joking this is what it looks like

  7. This is not quantum chess… They just don't get it… It's more like 3D chess

  8. Are ya winning son?

    You cannot even begin to understand

  9. If humanity isnt evolving right now im not sure what were doing wrong

  10. I'd like to see Google's DeepMind AlphaZero A.I. learn this game.

  11. Whoever can comprehend such insanity must be a god of foresight and hindsight while also having tank-like nerves

    Bishop: but what if we kept going back until we got it right

  13. But can you check someone in a alternate timeline.

  14. I would love to see someone try to recreate a temporal pincer movement from tenet

  15. Oh no, I just wound you! Don't tell me you're broken! So not fair… I've taken extra good care of you and everything….

  16. I need to see professional chess players play this game against each others in a tournament so I can hear one of the announcer say
    "And with a great reality shifting move creating a 3rd dimension where white has 3 queens, he now has the 2 black kings of the past in check"

  17. RT you're not thinking in fourth dimensions as dark brown from back to the Future you'll teach you

  18. I immensely appreciate the fact that this video is playing exclusively Chrono Trigger music.

  19. Is it bad that I think I've instantly understood this?

  20. Does anyone find a t hilarious how RT games beat a chess grandmaster by accident because no-one understand what was going on.

  21. I actually picked this up immediately- I'm so excited to play this onstream. This is stupid insane crazy.

  22. In that last game rt could have just moved his king right 1 I think

  23. This is why doc. Strange won only once from 14million timelines

  24. I would like to thank you for introducing me to 5D chess. I got hooked and now play 5d chess competitively

  25. Just travel through time and swap dimension = win simple

  26. It's literally 3d chess:
    Across different timelines

  27. I saw this and thought of the Tumblr post on this game
    "What are you doing son"
    "You could not possibly comprehend"

  28. For the people that don’t understand you have to watch Loki

  29. I don’t like that this game exists. The person making this must be in an insane asylum.

  30. You know what I love? Anna sounds like she's having more and more fun as the video goes on.

  31. See, now this is easy for anybody who's got a brain age of 20 in Brain Training for DS

  32. Suicide Chess on this would be interesting to see
    Basically first to no pieces wins
    But you have to take the opponents piece if there is a move that can do it

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