Let's model a CHESS BOARD in 10 MINUTES - ep. 21 - Blender 2.82 - creating3dgames.com

Let’s model a CHESS BOARD in 10 MINUTES – ep. 21 – Blender 2.82

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Hello everyone! It’s been a very busy week, putting in 12 hour days for the RTS game that we’re making but it’s Thursday and time for the 10 Minute Modeling Challenge! Welcome to Episode 21 where I try to model a chessboard with its 32 pieces – many of which are clones, but still a bit more time consuming than I imagined, especially with the asymmetric Knight piece =)

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  1. that was a great one, even with the Queen mistake. easy to do with time running out! thank you for making these

  2. Great idea to Blend to types of thing : challenge and modeling, Of course with blender, it's like you give the modeling some Taste. let's do it . keep going, thank you.

  3. how can you command different chess pieces to move

  4. Not a failure at all dude. In a real world project that extra second to swap the black king and queen is not going to matter. You got all the pieces done and that's what counts

  5. Where can I find a square of colors like this in Blender?

  6. I want to know what a Knight is called in Swedish now…

  7. How do you render them? I used the same texture that was in the video and it looks great in material view but in rendered it doesn't have any of the edge lines. If I'm just dumb please tell where I'm wrong. Other than that great vid buds:)

  8. "When your mom says 10 minutes honey and we are leaving"

  9. Took me seven days to model just the Knight and here you are modelling the entire set in just ten minutes. 😳

  10. hey, man. i love your videos. i hope life will always be on your side <3

  11. how to show the color beside? my blender don't have color in uv editing.

  12. you didn't fail, there are so many chess variants you can pretend it's one with this setup 😉
    very strange to look at you making a board in ten minute as I spent so many hours of "E to extrude/S to scale" making chess sets for online games.
    May be we should consider making stylised low poly pieces, we'll save so much time 🙂

  13. bende bilmiyorum bu abi'nin videolerini sadece beğenmek için geliyorum mükemmel videoler yapıyor blender dersleri yayinlayor bilemiyor um harika
    ingilizce bilmiyorum bilsem videolerini dinlerdim hehehehe

  14. The best part is when you searched for a new alarm sound. Came totally unexpected. Made me laugh. – Love all of your videos, even the older ones (not only the 10 minute challenges).

  15. This guy can recreate the entire world in blender with just 52 hours and 10 minutes

  16. Can you make a dysons sphere for one of your low poly challenges.

  17. I am too is a chessplayer and an artist. I also play at chess.com. I am learning Blender only now because at last there is free 3d software. As of now, I retired at the age of 62 and now is the time to learn a skill at home during the virus pandemic. You are really a master of this art. Able to create chess pieces in such little time. I also created the pieces in 3d but weeks in the making? lol. Thank you very much IDOL.

  18. The hardest part for you is to select the ringtone 😀

  19. When I woke up I wanted to make a chess board in blender and an hour later This video pops up on my feed

  20. Please someone help I need to make a chessboard in 5 hrs, how did he do the colour on the board ? I don't have that pallete

  21. I really wanna try to do time-pressured modelling, and I love chess. Gonna try this :>

  22. Can't call that a failure. You modeled it. Adjusting the pieces is just polishing work, which can never be done in 10 minutes.

  23. how do you open the colors on the left side of the screen?

  24. 4:42 how do you make that it shows Ctrl + numpad + x but nothing happens the screen just moves down

  25. I am completely new to Blender with no target set at learning the software to a certain level within a certain time frame, but I am a chess player of mildly strong strength and an ardent follower of the game for the last 3 decades. And, I say it with all the conviction of the world that you are a Super Grandmaster of Blender. One of your styles of instruction – "E to extrude, S to scale" reminds me of the King of Bullet – Hikaru Nakamura – "Rook takes, paws takes, takes, takes…". Splendid tutorial, especially when I take into account that you did it with 10 minutes and without a reference image. It would be pure joy if you could manage time and, someday in future, prepare a full chess-set tutorial. A bit slower pace of instruction – rapid time control may be 🙂 – a la Jan Gustafsson or Peter Svidler, would be an additional gift for students like me. Thank you so much!

  26. Thank you for this! I'm quite a novice in Blender, but I played your video at 0.25 speed and I feel like I'm a pro! You deserve more subcribers :))))

  27. That group of pieces that is 180 units in the air 😂

  28. I learned a ton from this video. Legendary execution. Thank you!

  29. S to scale, R to rotate, E to extrude on and on and on. Surely, that "short cut to do whatever" could be on screen, and the presenter provide some engaging narrative.

  30. May i ask if i can download a coppy of your chessboard?

  31. What's the addon that he's using to assign the colors?

  32. I'm noob and need to see where he clicks at 3:02 to change vertices, his head hides the> <button

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