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JUST STOP ! ( The road to becoming a 3D artist )

Mike Hermes
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Being a 3D artist means being part of a team, whether you work for a studio or as a free lance artist. To ensure a productive process it is important for people to be open, honest and willing to learn and share….

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  1. Am starting as a 3d artist/illustrator and what i can say is yes. There is tons of people being shit but well.. What can we do, still Mike encouraged me with his videos to just do my work

  2. lots of love and respect from india mike keep posting videos your videos help us a lot

  3. Just stop? That’s like an invitation to trolls.
    I agree it should be that simple. It’s just not really that cut and dry If you’re younger.
    All you really have to do is ignore, or shut down the nonsense with a reply that suits the situation. If you attack you just welcome more trolls, it’s better to be a decent person who doesn’t get offended over childish behavior. I welcome idiotic people to open up about their chicken tender class helicopter gender, and stolen art assets with bold white lettering overlaid. It’s teenage bullshit some adults don’t grow out of, mainly because they have a relaxing existence and need drama for validation.

  4. *-YOUR and YOU'RE are 2 different words-* says:

    Wth is this? Witchcraft at its finest!

  5. i really respect u mr.mike u make me better in maya i saw ur videos and i love it all it is very useful for me and now i can control easily in vertex , curves ets .. for 2 months now i can make characters and a pro cars and buidings and i can middly control in uv map thx alot … ur little bro from iraq 😀

  6. Im 28 years old. Do i still have time to start learning it? Is 5 hours a day of 3D practice good enough to start?

  7. Well if you’re a gamer then you prolly know how much trash people talk. I agree it’s just how it is.

  8. Program wise, is there some sort of hierarchy a beginner should be aiming to follow? I've recently got into 3D modelling via Sketchup, and although I don't necessarily know to what end, the idea of creating game environments is quite appealing.

  9. Mike I've been watching your tutorial and must tell you : not only youre a great specialist but also your a great talent at teaching and conveying knowledge. And also you posted this video which is very expensive for me and probably for other people who dont have this thick skin. Keep going. Doing a great job! And last but least my likes are not a sign of appreciation they just a mark which mean that i've watched a video:) I appreciate all your materials and was never dissapointed 😉

  10. New level upprouching to be an master sculptor artist

  11. I'm 32 and I started learning blender two months ago because of your advice. I've never felt so motivated about anything

  12. It seems normal people do something under their education just like me (working in a job without the education to it like washing dishes or as cashier)

    I feel like the 3D studios or any other company i wanna apply on is like : why did you work as **

    Me in my head: money???? Because you dont hired me yet? XD Because I need to eat?

  13. Trolls are just so very unhappy people……………. oh and they will insist they are the happiest people on this planet. I have great sympathy for them, as it is unlikely they will find a satisfactory place within this life and in time fade away into obscurity! So as Mike stated 'JUST STOP!'

  14. Hey I was wondering if you could take a look at this video and try and render it in 3d ? ….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu_dem1dl5I And scale it as well as you can to what we have been TOLD about this world. Real geometry says we are not on a ball. 3de can help us find out for sure.

  15. I would yust not reply to trolls at all.

  16. Why would I want to work in a company that digs up my crap I said in the past? Aren't people there to do the work? I don't care if a person said smth "racist" on the internet using nickname sweatypants5975 I'd care about the profit that person could bring doing the job. And so should do other companies. I have no will to work for somebody who is disturbed by what I do on my free time.

  17. All the respect mike really good productive words

  18. Replying "just stop" is feeding the troll too. if you ignore them, you deny them what they want, which is attention

  19. I dont care about what people say. I want to become a 3d artist and youtuber and its my goal that is highest on the list.

  20. Great content Mike! Special for guys that are just starting. Trolls/haters are part of the game.

  21. My mentality is that the more that someone leaves the industry I'm working on, the less competition i have. The person who's the longest in the game wins the game. Alot of people quit pursuing art careers as they start looking at the other side of the grass. When they see other "more rewarding" thing to pursue its where I step in and grab what they couldn't. Always believe in yourself and your efforts. Consistency is key to anything.

  22. Title and thumbnail had me worried for a moment, thinking it might be ‘stop dreaming, sucker’ or some such (brain is so nice to me sometimes, it’s a work in progress). This is wonderful, though. I just searched ‘3D art tutorial’ which isn’t perhaps the right wording, it’s more drawing 3D on paper which is amazing, but different, and this came up in the first ten videos.

  23. What is the best laptop for 3d animation?

  24. I’m 19 but I started using maya at 15. I have come a long way since and I feel like I am pursing my dream career 🙂

  25. Yeah I am respectable and I am an artist and your right these people have no life

  26. I'm still working for realized my dream as a 3d modeler. I know how hard the obstacle is, but I didn't found a reason to give up just yet.

  27. I've been at it now for 14 years, and I nearly had a mental breakdown partly because I'm constantly pissed on. There's no accountability in the online world. It's not going to stop. But thank you for this video. We have to fight this all the way, because nobody is fighting for us.

  28. It sucks that most video game studios looking for people who can model and code! Or a veterans… whats gonna happen to us who's only a rookie still in 3d modelling., only 3d modelling!

  29. Thank you Mike! Good, youtube is just like reading my mind. I was talking to this guy on fb today. And you know I complimented him on a fine job he's done with his models etc.. So I just wanted to be friendly, like an artist to an artist.. to support him and to network eventually. So I just asked him a couple of things. I've seen his posts in zbrush public group. And well, dude was just so rude and behaved in so condescend way. And just to let you know he has no job in the industry, keeps posting these "finish it yourself" assets on artstation market with some weird comments (no uv'ed, no textured, just a rough modeling). But there are still good designs, there is a great trace of true potential. But maaan, the way he talks.. I could not handle it and just said "ok man, good frigging luck to you with that attitude". One thing is ranting and insulting others, another one is just being a pure a**hole. If I ever see him again on a job market or anywhere else, I will make sure my company will not hire him. Be friendly, be open-minded, team and its emotional wellbeing is the most important thing, no matter how cool modeler you are just be a nice person. It will pay back 100%.

  30. Hello,what is 3D modeling or artist?
    It doesnt relate about Maya or other app right???

  31. sir, i like your content so much, i had yesterday a jobinterviev with ubisoft as student internship your video tipps for interviev helped me so much <3

  32. My ten commandments about trolls and haters
    1) They feed your stats and popularity. the more they comment the higher you end in the rankings. That's a good thing right? as then you can reach more good people.
    2) Negative comments are not always haters or trolls. And different opinions is not always bad. Some people hate to eat fish, others love it. So if you ever show how you make a meal with fish, it's ok if some people will say it's disgusting, they would never eat what you make and your dish is worthless, because they are right, in their opinion. if you make broccoli I will tell you the same. 😂
    3) take a good laugh when they troll. its black humor, Monty Python style
    4) trolls are jealous, this means that your work is good, better than their work, so is, in fact, a compliment. So take it as a compliment.
    5) Someone said, bad publicity makes you more famous, and bring more people to you. Bad publicity is also publicity, so use everything you can to get more stats and viewers, these trolls really help you
    6) Trolls teach you how to take critics when later on a boss will yell at you, that your work is worthless, when he has a bad day 😂, even if it's not. You will have stronger skin to resist such.
    7) trolls teach you how humanity is. This makes you become more mature. especially if you follow the 6 first steps I wrote.
    8) never respond to them. not even with stop. Because they are attention seekers. If they don't get any attention they will start looking elsewhere. If other people reply to them as far as you can delete the troll's messages.
    9) Life is beautiful if you focus on the nice parts. I mean you get maybe 30% of negative and troll comments as an example. Good, extra 30% publicity, but this means you still have 60% of good comments you can focus on.
    10) Remember that you NEVER, NEVER, NEVER can make everyone happy, Nobody can, even the best of the best ever will have many negative comments and haters. In fact, the better you are the more haters you get because you also get more people that like you.

  33. I am disliking this Video for sure …… jk great video!

  34. 3d modeling was my hobby and with practice i became a professional with modeling – animation etc. And used to sell most of my projects on turbosquid But i quit more than 6 years ago for no reason and i really regret it and i guess its time to start 3d modeling again because i really love it …

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