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JUST STOP ! ( The road to becoming a 3D artist )

Mike Hermes
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Being a 3D artist means being part of a team, whether you work for a studio or as a free lance artist. To ensure a productive process it is important for people to be open, honest and willing to learn and share….

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  1. Amen, thank you for making this. Currently Im seeking my degree in 3D Arts and I see this all of the time with students and its really disheartening as it not only can kill a reputation but as well stifle someones potential. Often I watch your videos as support to help further understand materials I may not have fully understood in lecture. Im sure Im not the only student that does this. With that its my hope that others see this and take aways something positive from it. Again Thanks.

  2. i thought he was saying us to stop being a 3D artist lol

  3. felt like I was in the principal's office

  4. Lets make a vid that looks like you should stop with 3d huehuehue you got baited

  5. If you think it's gonna do anything to say "Just stop" people are just gonna make even more fun of you.

  6. Ok so guys, end up your schools and up all your goals a go to try some drugs, no risk, no hard wok, be looser its so easy. Give up, take drugs and forget your dream. NEVER !! 😀 I have thousands ideas in many in my head, and I will draw incredible good its just matter of time and I dont care if I will get job, I dont need to become concept artist, Iam concept artist every single day all my soul in my room and if money didnt come fuck it, but I never give up. And thank yoy for motivation, nothing is better motivation then someone told you cant do it.

  7. To honest wean samen send my i toxic comment i ignore them

    And how samen ablel to find i work?

  8. Negative feedback is positive, it helps you to grow up and become better at what you do.

  9. Yeah, just stumbled over that – but as a newbie in 3D …and an Obi-Wan in other professions for over 20 years: there are more trolls around on this planet than used to be in the lord of the rings… 1st B-prepared for suckers in life… and 2nd tell them with a friendly face to stop it (or write)… and 3rd you can (mostly) always report and delegate to higher level (admins, employers, trainers…) #dont-take-the-play

  10. The beauty of art being subjective, is that one person's trash is another person's perfection. Humbling yourself with this, can make you unstoppable.
    Because ultimately insults don't mean anything if you don't let them hurt you.

  11. there, i'm here to toss a dislike for the clickbait.

  12. Very very important words!
    I will send this video to all haters
    Thank you!

  13. i do not have real school training, i am a industrial designer and i would like to become an 3D character modeler, where should i start?

  14. Im actually interested to learn Blender instead of gaming cause Im kinda addicted to gaming. And I want to sell 3d models for a bit of extra cash. Is this achievable?

  15. Wow that's rough. Looks like I was pretty fortunate to avoid all that. Wish for all artists out there to find their way and their strenght ^0^/

  16. Sadly, the people who bash others people's work have nothing to show for themselves (i.e. the foodcritic who can't bake an egg). And although they have no authority the comments hurt on a personal level. Let anybody say anything about your work, that's fine, they don't know YOU and therefore it is NEVER PERSONAL.
    The only person you control is you (that's 50% of the equation and that is all it's ever going to be) and wether your a good or a bad artist is besides the point.

  17. Even if you manage to troll completely incognito. You have this ignorant mindset that WILL get you into trouble later in real life. If you're already "later in life" and nothing works out for you, ask yourself if that might be the reason.

  18. I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately some people can be like that! Frustrating!

  19. dude every time your video gets recomended im so fucking tired of it

  20. The problem with life is learning from 'mistakes' while not being discouraged by it. Maybe their (negative) criticism was called for, or not, but the only thing that can make a difference is you and is if you stop, or keep going on.

    I've played with a lot of random generated number games only to fall on my knees in front of so many possible options yet so hard to get any of them correctly in one shot. Eventually, it follows a distribution curve and it goes like this : you make one flip (craft, generation, wtv you wanna call what you are doing), you got what you wanted or not, if you did, you still have got to sell it, if you didn't, you got nothing to sell. If you flip it 100 times, that's 100 times x maybe you get what you wanted and have to sell it, or didn't get what you wanted and got nothing to sell. If you do it 1000 times, that's 1000 times x maybe you get what you wanted and have to sell it, or didn't get what you wanted and got nothing to sell. It's the only way it works. Of course you have to adjust or keep doing the same 'mistakes' that ultimately leads you to the same place, or make things differently and go somewhere else. BUTT ! EVENTUALLY, it all goes down on the numbers, the more you do, the more you get to finally understand some things, to finally tweak yourself more 'appropriately' to the goal, the more chance you get in your limited time allowed, this is the whole thing about it. It's pure mathematics, that YOU must use to your advantage, but it's the ONLY WAY it works. You gotta do lots of tries, or just hope to get you free life ticket out of one try, but no one gets that, and if any, you and I don't know about them and they are very rare, in which case, is mathematically quite unreliable (probabilities vs possibilities – something can be quite possible but just very improbable).

    Of course it's hard emotionally and mentally to deal with all that negative criticism, but that's what we do in meditation and personal moments of peace, we gather ourselves up, build and adjust, redefine and realign ourselves to better deal with the ever incoming unknowns and uncertainties of life.

    The hardest part is to deal with COMPARISON, when you compare your work to others or wtv about yourself to others, it is of course necessary to do so in order to properly assess your position among others, but it is suppose to be a logic assessment, not a detrimental judgment of yourself in front of the rest of the world. Everybody lacks and comes short on some matters when comparing to others. You need to properly assess who you are (so don't try to lie to yourself or try to bully yourself either), you can do better than some others in some specific area, you need to find that area and bet on it, attune it, adjust it, raise it to a new level.

    YOU CAN'T STOP OR ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE STOPPED, go slower if you need to, adjust, try new venues, consolidate old ones and clean them, polish them, you need to use your time properly, have some rest, have some exercises, have some work, have some fun, have some good food, ENJOY WHILE YOU STILL CAN !

    Good luck !

    PS : I just read that joke and thought it was appropriate here 😛 : Success is like being pregnant, everyone says congratulation but nobody knows how many times you've been ** =]

  21. Whenever i search 3d modeling in YouTube this dude was saying just stop!

  22. So I subscribed cause we have the same Vader shirt

  23. The background music in this is kind of unnecessary and distracting, sorry.

  24. i'm 15, sharing a room and own a gaming laptop. How I'm gonna do this idk…

  25. if a simple "just stop" lettering fixes the toxicity in the industry, make a "don't be poor" and a "don't be ignorant", im sure that will fix 90% of the world's problems.
    spoilers: trolls won't stop because someone asks them to stop.

  26. Great video. Thank you very much for that!

  27. I think people leave critical comments because it helps them clarify their worldview, vent out their emotions, or solidify their group boundaries. It's just interacting with the media.
    And yes, we should understand that there are actually people behind our screen– but I think the annonimity and distance people gain online allows them to express their initial impressions without regard to the humanity of someone else.
    So I think we should take the comments as that. People expressing their thoughts without considering the humanity of someone else. Not everyone does this though, and those that do consider the other person usually have a more accurate view– because they have an incentive to question themselves.

    And sure, we can say that people "hate themselves" or what have you– and let their inner critic run free (like an abusive father to his son)– but I think we should see people for what they really are. Just dumb monkeys that don't have the natural triggers to consider the humanity of someone in the VERY NEW digital age. —

    Just like you think it's silly to hate on someone for hating on an artist online in the comments (which, that is rude, ngl) — It's exactly the same impulse that leads you to dismiss those people by saying "There's no need for it [the criticism]. It's going to bite you in the ass at some point".

    Like, I think you're right about the need for people to tone down their criticism/hate, and that we need to let that roll off of our backs– but I think you're wrong by being vindictive or indignant towards them- instead of understanding.

    But that's just my stupid idea that will never improve you or get you to change your mind.
    Oh, BTW. "Just STOP."
    🙂 I'm learning. ty

  28. what a fucking redundant video. a bitter video and vague psychoanalysis of rude people? with the first impression being "JUST STOP DOING 3D" to grab attention? redundant boomer. talk about thick skin.

  29. this thumbnail is misleading and annoying how it pops up every time is search 3d

  30. I like the message and words coming from. However, saying to trolls just stop is still feeding the trolls. It's better just to ignore them.

  31. Hey Mike I can't thank you enough for this video. It reachs so many other areas where we can face bad people with bad behaviour at any time, and how we should deal with it.I'm sending you all my love and I hope it spreads out. Thank again man, this video is one of the most important on the entire youtube, and I'm pretty sure I'm not exagerating.


  33. Great advice. I made tutorials on youtube when there were very little of them and did quite well from it. I made them in a way to explain things rather than just clicking on buttons that people will forget later on – yet a good 10% of the comments were always negative telling me to get on with it, that my voice is * etc etc. Totally insecure people. I have a tough skin to this stuff and stopped making videos due to time. I teach now and a lot of my students fear making videos because of comments, particularly form the blender community for some reason. Its sad. I deleted over 150 of my tutorials as they were pretty dated, and if I made more I definatly wouldnt let silly comments stop me.

  34. There are places where people go to have flame wars. A creative channel should never be a place where you bash anyone. The most talented people I have met have also been the people who truly love a craft. Those same people are consistently encouraging and helpful to people with less experience or "skill." If you are bashing other people about their work, you are almost certainly not one of these people. On the other hand, another great point is that people need to have a thick skin. If you are doing something you enjoy it doesn't matter even a little bit what some person on the internet thinks about it. By virtue of them bashing you, it's almost certain that they aren't anyone of relevance to your career, or your progress.

  35. Thanks to this video I now feel bad when giving critical and good advice

  36. i discovered a lot of useful tools that i didn't know that Maya had… thx to your videos.

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