Java 3D Game Development 78: Shadows! -

Java 3D Game Development 78: Shadows!

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3D OpenGL Game development log videos about my indie Java RPG game.

Implemented shadow mapping this week!

Here are the main resources that I used:

Contact me:

If you’re interested in using my development kit to help contribute models/artwork/music then send me an email to and let me know what you’d be willing to help me with. 🙂

The Team:

Website creation: Josh Speight

Richard Weug: Buffalo, Fox model, Sickle, Trident, Aether bow, ancient war hammer, holy short sword, Sai, Wand, Turtle model

Christopher Jubell: Horse model, Small boat, Fox animations, Food Stall, Mage Attack Animation, Chicken animations, Turtle animations, Skeleton, Giant Spider, Weapon & Tent market stalls, Shadow Battle Axe, Spirit Power Staff, Mellee Helmets, wooden bridge, Church, all house models, training dummies, city walls, city gate, round city towers, shadow trident, Log Pile, Shadow Horned Helmet

Erik Quick: Jetty, All Ancient Ruins models, Oak Tree, Desert Well, Wizard hat, rustic bench, standard armour, Great Sword, Combat Icons, Overhanging House, shadow armour, Ancient Long Sword, Holy Long Sword, New Fence, Tavern(!), Palm Tree, Shadow 2H, Hatchet in Stump, Shadow Horned Helmet, Desert Hut, Dead Tree

marCOmics: Herb Stall, Holy Horned Helmet, New Armour Set, Tribal War bow, present pile, camp fire, Shadow Power Staff, Light Staff, Animal Skeleton

Itay Almog: Medium Desert House, Many weapon textures & icons, small lamp texture, pot market stall texture, darker market stall texture, small mushrooms texture, tribal long sword icon

Jacob Brewer: Shadow Lesser Staff, Holy Lesser Staff, Ancient Lesser Staff

Code Magnet: Both Desert Towers, Ancient Short Bow, Wooden Cart, fire lamp, guard tower, Fancy Lamp, Spirit Zweihaender, Chicken model

Joko: Water Well, Pots Market Stall, darker market stall, warhammer, small lamp, small mushrooms, Cacti, Ball Lamp, Greater Bow, New Bench

MatheStar () : Bear Model, Square wall tower, tribal long sword model

Ben Jilks: () : Player animation, Rocks & new tree model

Alexander Schulte: Small Bush
Jack Theakstone: Ancient B.Axe, Ancient Dagger
Andrew Knowles: Mace, Ancient Short Sword, Ancient 2H
Ricardo: Wooden Crate
Rob: Wooden Barrel, snowman, second Xmas tree
Stiles3D: Xmas tree
ostylk () : Single Present
Josh “Shadow” Monson: Various sound effects
Aleksander Długosz: Spirit Short Sword, Tribal Spear
Niklavs: Headwear Shop Icon
Dannek Studio () : Fire pit sound
Nicolas: Waterfall sound fx (not yet shown)
Simeon Heinze: Candy Cane
Titas Vaitkunas: The loud thunder clap!
Teddy C: crossbow (not yet shown)
BonJoniLP: 2H sword (not yet shown)
Tadej Gasparovic: Texture and settings for fire lamp entity, Palm tree collision box
Reza Enayatizaman: Shadow Long Sword
Jon Peck () : OpenGL tips!


“Wallpaper” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Outro Music: “Waking Stars” Kai Engel


  1. I was so excited for shadows and the world looks awesome!

  2. The shadows look great! What depthmap resolution are you using?

  3. Very interesting to see how shadow mapping works! Won't be able to watch the next few videos I think, on holiday for a couple of weeks, so I'll have to binge watch them when I get back 😛 

    As for Q&A questions – would you want to give more of a background story about yourself? If you don't, perfectly understandable, but it was worth a try 😉

    When will you upload the Q&A video?

  4. Hey, loving everything and the shadows look great. I'm curious about something – kind of a morbid thought, but do you have any ideas of what you will do if the Kickstarter is not successful? I sincerely hope that doesn't end up being the case, but it's always good to have plans set in place, just in case.
    Edit: This question isn't necessarily for the Q&A, but you can certainly answer it there if you wish.

    Good luck with everything and keep up the good work. 🙂

  5. Yay!! More Videos!!*

    Wow >.>… Typo'd that lol wrote tutorials <.<…

  6. @***** Hey, since you want to put the game on kickstarter and you have high hopes for this game, I really wanna ask you. Are the graphics in this video final, as in is this the art style you are going for with this game? Just my opinion but I dont think it looks good enough for a full fledge game that will be played by lots of people. I dont believe graphics are everything but I believe that you should do better than this simple blender models and textures made in Hope you the best, I really hope your game will be a success man so keep working and maybe find an artist to help you.

  7. Will you make a tutorial about shadow maps?

    Q&A: Have you ever imagined working in a team on a game like this?

  8. The shadows look brilliant!
    What I think this game needs are a bit of sandbox game aspects. Crafting weapons and armor from the hides of animals and rocks on the ground, trees etc. Also building your own structures could be quite a lot of fun. Imagine you could choose to build one of the many beautiful houses and place it anywhere you want to if you have the materials for it. Some walls would then be used to keep out other players and protect your base from evil animals. Imagine getting chased by a wolf pack, run into your house, slam the door behind you – sit down at the fire place and calm down while repairing your weapons 😀
    I'd actually support such a game! I was thinking about what I like about Ark survival evolved and Minecraft and its the presens of a safe spot within the wilderness that whats to kill you. I'm not too big of a fan of devilish looking creatures. – wolfes, evil and intelligent monkeys that steal your stuff, bears, tigers, annoying snowmans that fire snowballs 😀 thats more like it.

  9. Wouldn't it make more sense when rendering textures to check if there's objects in a certain radius then work out where it would be relative to the texture then darken the pixels.

  10. Question, have you thought about any plot lines or antagonists for the quest line, is it just gonna be roam around and kill stuff?

  11. This is amazing! Will you be doing a tutorial on this?

  12. QnA
    1-How did you learn to code?
    2-Is this art style the games final art(I think it looks pretty cool)
    3-Have you made any games before?
    4-When is the QnA…lol

  13. Will you do a server-client tutorial? And if yes, when do you think you will do it?

  14. What resolution of the Shadowmap do u use. An idea is to make it customizable to enable people with lowend computers can get lag free, and highend to great graphics.

  15. Wow, you're very talented. I've tried to learn LWJGL (or just OpenGL in general) – always gave up due to fear of vague gl methods and impatience with fundamental rendering processes.

    PS: The game looks awesome 😉

  16. The shadows really add a lot to the world. Looking forward to kickstarter 🙂

  17. The shadows look really good! Also, will you be sticking with the segmented character and mob models or will they be more realistic for the final game?

  18. Question: how much would you say Runescape has influenced your game design ? I noticed you had it installed in another video and I was wondering if you've ever played it.

  19. Question for your Q and A: Do you enjoy working alone?

  20. Do you recommend java as a first programming language for game development?

  21. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but is the skill system/usage only based on the weapon? So that you have to upgrade your weapon to get more skills, but there are no class specific skills such as the classic "fireball thingy"?

  22. It looks awesome, but I think you should play around with the darkness of the shadows.

    It would probably look way better if they were darker because there would be more contrast.

  23. Hey, I'm currently watching your Devlogs and OpenGL tutorials, applying them to C++ as I'm more used to this language. I'm thinking of buying (modern) OpenGL books, have you some that you can recommend me ?

    _ Have you made any other game before this one ? If yes, in 3D ?
    _ Have you studied in Computer Science or did you learn only by yourself ?

    Good luck for the Kickstarter, you're doing a good job and I enjoy watching your devlogs. I may give some money when the Kickstarter starts.

    Oh and I'm sorry for my English mistakes, I'm from France.

  24. It's looking awesome! Can't wait for the kickstarter!

  25. I hate Youtube. . .  So when ThinMatrix posts a video it doesn't tell me.  But when he doesn't it constantly sayings he's posting a video….

  26. Nice work!!
    I have a question: what kinds of optimizations do you use to render the scenes?
    For example: render only objects within a certain range from the camera; draw only objects that are shown in the screen…

  27. How long did it take you to learn Java well enough to make a game?

  28. Question: What will make your game different from others? What makes it unique?

  29. Holey mother of god! This looks awesome dude!
    Keep it up!

  30. QandA: What will you do if the Kickstarter doesn't reach its goal? Will you ever come back to the game? And why don't you use Indiegogo where you keep everything you've earned so that you can at least continue to work on it longer?

  31. What protocol does your server use: UDP or TCP? And why?

  32. The shadows are amazing!!! Great work!! You make everything look so simple when in fact it's all so complicated and difficult! Keep it up man!!

  33. Dude this is CRAZY.  I love it,  and the fact that it has multiplier is amazing.  I know you will probably say no, but can I have a down load link or something.  This is something other than GTA or cs:go that I would actually enjoy playing.  If you want a person to look for bugs or test the game for you hmu, but if not don't sweat it and keep up the great vids.

  34. Isn't checking every pixel every frame resource-intensive?

  35. hey, this looks amazing, though what is the purpose?

  36. for the QnA, can i have your brain and knowledge of coding xD?

  37. wooooow, shadows! fancy!
    why no cascaded shadow maps though? 😛

  38. Very nicely explained! Wondering how you handled shadow artifacts like Shadow Acne and Peter Panning? did you do any PCF sampling or variance mapping?

  39. +ThinMatrix Why don't entities receive shadows as well? It's not that performance heavy to add shadows to entities and it drastically improves the quality of the graphics…

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