Imposter 3D: Online Horror - Gameplay Walkthrough part 29 - Online Multiplayer (Android) -

Imposter 3D: Online Horror – Gameplay Walkthrough part 29 – Online Multiplayer (Android)

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Imposter 3D: Online Horror – Gameplay Walkthrough part 29 – Online Multiplayer (Android)

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New Update!

Christmas event! Collect golden gifts online and get a unique skin and coins! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday. Added statistics window. Fixed camera bugs, as well as the ghost can now share batteries with players.

There is an imposter among us, protect the astronauts solo or online

Save all the mini astronauts in single player or online.

Something terrible has happened on Space Station 12, all the crew members are missing, but the little astronauts are left! You have to save them all, but in addition to the crew member and the mini astronauts on the station there is an imposter… Beware of him because he is among us!

There is no one left on the Gelios research station except the astronauts and mini-astronauts. After a failed experiment the Krisper imposter has appeared. Save all the mini astronauts on the station, which is located on a planet covered in sand and lava.

It’s a scary game, but exciting and interesting, play it carefully!


– Single-player game.
– Ability to play multiplayer with up to 6 players!
– You can play as an imposter in online PvP mode!
– Use traps in PvP to defend yourself against the Imposter
– In case of danger you can hide in a vent!
– Ability to disable skrimmers (sudden appearance of an impostor)
– Imposter hunting mode!
– Mode without an impostor (training)
– You have a flashlight, it will help you see in the dark in the station.
– The doors are rusted, open them carefully, it might provoke an imposter.
– Good thing every crew member wears a sensor, so I can see the impostor on the map on some of the monitors on the station.

We need to save all the xmas crewmembers, they’re not guilty of anything!

The impostor among us can move through the air vents, I hope I don’t accidentally encounter him…

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  1. Rsturbpgaming Why do you turn off the sound of the Imposter chase Theme?

  2. Hello. if you go to Discord of the game right now, you can take part in an event where there will be 30 people on one server

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