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I Tried the Ridiculous Mario 602 Challenge… [1/4]

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This was streamed live on Twitch:

I got to 602 subs a while back. I wanted to do the 602 Mario Speedrun to commemorate it! Super Mario 64 with 120 Stars, then Super Mario Sunshine 120 Shines, then Super Mario Galaxy 120 Stars, then Super Mario galaxy 242 Stars!



  1. drying off in the shower also keeps the floors dry.

  2. i think the best game is SMM2: literally infinite collectables and secrets… if only it was 3D

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  5. Link to part 2? YouTube isn't recommending it

  6. You’re pretty good at SM64, BUT have you completed the the task that requires the most skill I’m not just this one, but any Mario game? Have died in the in SM64’s Mushroom Kingdom before even entering Bob-omb Battlefield?
    Cause I have!

    I drowned in the moat.

  7. As someone who grew up with sm64, but can't speedrun it, this is extremely frustrating to watch. It's like watching someone hammering a nail with the handle and hitting their fingers. I love it

  8. This is how super mario 3d all stars should have been. Mario 64 , sunshine, galaxy and galaxy 2

  9. Now do the 2,493 run:

    Super Mario 64 – 120 Stars
    Super Mario 64 DS – 150 Stars
    Super Mario Sunshine – 120 Shines
    Super Mario Galaxy – 121 Stars
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 242 Stars
    Super Mario 3D Land – 380 Stars
    Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury – 380 Stars – 100 Shines
    Super Mario Odyssey – 880 Moons

  10. as a gamer am disappointed in him for not saying hi to yoshi

  11. 15:51
    That sounds pretty similar to our german word "verdammt" which means like "damn"

  12. 39:07 "some people are stucked in the past". And now we´re stucked in the present with the cuarentine

  13. This video reassures me that it's not that I'm bad at Mario Odyssey, it's that Ant has practiced that game for ungodly amounts of time. Both gives me a boost to self-confidence and really makes me respect his sheer dedication.

  14. The fact that his time in Super Mario 64 is pretty similar to mine makes me feel comfortable.

  15. 24:20 Oh hey, the 602 is done! SmallAnt has been at it for 6 hours and 02 minutes!

  16. What I came to watch: the start of a 602 Run

    What I saw: SmallAnt vs Super Mario 64's camera physics

  17. Ngl, this would have been so much easier on Ant if he had done the DS version of it, where coins are easier and it's not as janky

  18. Alternate Title: "Professional SMO Speedrunner attempts to use dumb camera controls"

  19. I had to beat this on my school chromebook…

  20. So did no one tell him he can change the camera to always be facing behind Mario? Or that he can press down on the c stick to get wider view?

  21. 17:19 What's going on there is known as a delta-p situation… when its got ya, its got ya!!

  22. Hardest 100 coin star for me is fucking Tiny Huge Island
    I only cleared it once I realized ground pounding the goombas gives you a blue coin, but still fuck that level in general that is just my least favorite Mario level period it's awful. Tick Tock Clock might be second though.

  23. "This game kinda copied Koopa the quick from Koopa freerunning in odyssey" LMAOOO

  24. he doesnt say gay bowser he says KINGA BOWSER

  25. I think spyro and etc. were based off if thus game

  26. “Times were different back in 1996”

    They sure were buddy, they sure were…

    Congrats on 1M views of your speedy casual play-through!

  27. Doesn't Galaxy have a secret star if u beat the game with mario and Luigi

  28. Playing Mario 64, the only time in which the phrase "That is a dangerous piano" makes sense

  29. Funny how u said – So long, than with a long pause thinking (will this offend anyone)? Gay bowser with a tiny smile xD

  30. wow, i thought my 3h in sm64 120 is bad. feeling good now

  31. The video I watched before this was SImpleflips TTC Green Demon. I feel so seen by the movement here.

  32. Looking forward to watching all of these

  33. 2021 and I'm still waiting for the speedrun of the entire super mario series

  34. It’s so bizarre seeing footage from the original game. When I was a little kid, my very first DS game was the remaster of Super Mario 64, so I am used to the updated graphics and little tweaks to gameplay and design.

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