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I Made Super Mario Bros but it’s 3D

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After turning the original Sonic the Hedgehog into a 3D game, I decided to try and do the same thing with the original Super Mario Bros. This time I actually made all the models myself by using voxel art to turn Super Mario Bros into a 3D game.

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“Voxel Revolution”, “Getting It Done”, “Cyborg Ninja”, “Mega Hyper Ultrastorm”, “Cruising for Goblins”, “Bit Shift”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Jesus bro, the most I could do is make a 2-D Mario game on video game maker but this is freaking astounding hi ass IQ!

  2. Amazing! What software did you use to make the Voxel art?

  3. You seem like a really genuinely nice person! Love your voice! And I have to say… This is one of the best examples of a great idea and great execution for a youtube channel! One of the best I've ever seen. No surpirse that you've gotten to almost half a million subscribers so quickly. Congrats!

  4. i wish nintendo wasn’t as pissy about fan games, or similar things like this, so that we could play this little thing

  5. Sorry, you were a bit lazy modeling Big Mario but still cool.

  6. when you low run on the c: drive: format it
    pc:no shutdown
    pc: on fire

  7. 6:16 Actually. There's no copy&paste in the original game.
    The "copy&paste" you mention is really just a process done by the CPU in real time. There's the shape and there's pallets. In this case, it's the bush/cloud shape. In real time, the code gathers the correct shape and pallet based on what is meant to be displayed. The double or triple cloud is actually just 1 or 2 clouds with its rendering interrupted followed by a full cloud.
    The mushroom and goomba is the same thing.
    All of this in order to save space in the cartridge.
    Very smart ways to save space. Very much unlike nowadays.

  8. can't u make a system that forces u to have a og rom of the game to play so it becomes legal? like somekind of a md5 checker?

  9. But… the fireworks for hitting the flag pole when the timer ended in a 1, 3 or 6 with the respective amount of fireworks to match the number.

  10. I’m surprised you haven’t tried to do a similar game like this for profit.

  11. Very cool! It would be very easy to add clouds to the skybox since they are just white bushes.

  12. 11:24 originally this is how R&D4 was gonna make SMB3 before scrapping it very early on

  13. I don't know if this will help any but thinking about hitboxes and hurtboxes for the Goombas made me remember how fighting games versions of them work, and I wonder if that would be helpful

    I haven't messed with unity at all but I wonder if the hurtbox for the Goombas should be off center, where the hitbox and hurtboxes look slightly like a Venn diagram, but the one you stomp a bit smaller. More like an ellipsis looking shape
    Mario's hitbox would only be coming from his feet

  14. THE DANI REFERENCE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. 1:21 "l'm starting to run low on storage space."

    Very old PCs
    Am l a joke to you?

  16. nintendo did make a game in this style, see 3-d paper mario game

  17. I wanna play this and I don’t even play mario

  18. Koopa from front: (yay)
    Koopa from back: k o o p a

  19. RewardedIvan Brawl Stars Minecraft more says:

    Super mario 2dessy

  20. you can please give me the link of the 3D models PLEASE i want to make a full version of this remake

  21. How do you make the water shader in the 3D Sonic video?

  22. What software did you use to put all the voxel models into a game? I want to try this. Might be hard but I'll learn.

  23. Roberto Maximiliano Silveira Mallada says:

    Can hoy share this?

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