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Hyper Chess 4d 2013 invention

car san
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  1. "The pieces are still here DOERENBECHER'$" ©

  2. Now all we need is 3D chess and we will have collected all the Chess Variants

  3. We just need 0d chess, then we’ll have them all

  4. is anyone gonna point out the fact that there are 4 queens and that the kings have a straight diagonal line facing each other. You see how having 2 queens and nothing between the kings can be an issue right?

  5. Interesting! I feel like this can lead to very early checkmates though. I wonder about actual gameplay.

  6. When you realise there are 2 queens for each side

    Sweats profusely

  7. Should have removed left queen and put king there and maybe put a pawn where the king was

  8. POV: this was recommended to you 7 YEARS LATER😑😑😑

  9. See you guys when this pops up in everyones recommended page

  10. How is it played tho?

  11. Very awesome! But I can only see 3d…. Maybe someday I will achieve this abillity

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  13. you got very nice ideas! pleas make videos on how you would move the pieces!

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