How To Win Chess in 2 Moves #Shorts -

How To Win Chess in 2 Moves #Shorts
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In this video we show you how to win chess in 2 moves!

This two move checkmate only works if your opponent moves their pieces in a certain way…but if they do…you’re in good shape!

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  1. So this is where the Dutch saying is from, “wit begint en zwart wint”.
    And no, I will not translate it. Since you have YouTube, you also have access to google.

  2. The knight can kill the queen so it's not a checkmate😅🙄

  3. I might be counting wrong because I'm blind but couldn't the knight take the Queen?

  4. Well this reminded me of XQC and Charlie

  5. Quick tip: the chance of someone doing this is probably 1 in 2 million

  6. Its better forget this only fools will make this mistake and we need no trick to defeat someone like that

  7. "Let's say your opponent is the dumbest beginner and that convenient metaphysics come into play."

  8. Hey Dad! Lemme show you how to get a 2 move checkmate!

    Alright, bring it on. I'll start – e4.

    N- no, Dad, you gotta move to f3!


  9. Mujhe bhi khelna sikhao chess udijdudu

  10. They based this to someone who played their game and that person claimed he "loves chess" and it's just hilarious

  11. I have a chess tournament tomorrow so I hope it will occur so thanks for sharing

  12. Nexg video- How to beat up babies without breaking a sweat

  13. This is also known as Fools Mate. It is the quickest possible checkmate.

  14. 🍦🍧🍨🍩🍪🎂🍰🧁🥧🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🥤🧋

  15. But the situation for you to win is very situational and most of the time wouldn’t work

  16. I know this ,bit I don't know why o clicked this video still!

  17. No opponent will do this move in real game even a newbie r taught basics to occupy the mid squares

  18. That's what I call a "kindergarden checkmate".

  19. I've done this Once but the guy actually moved a2N so it was 3 moves… 😔

  20. Nah I like the bomber formation. I explode the board if I’m losing

  21. Nice I will try this at a compilation to get 1 million $ if I win I give u 500k to help me thanks

  22. How to win at chess with 0-1 move(s)..
    Now this only works if your opponent has upset stomach. Say he had some bad scallops last night……….

  23. According to my calculations.. this only occurs one in a 3 million times… chances grow if you play chess 5 times a day for 45 years. Other than that.. u will wait 57 years for that move to arrive!! Checkmate! 😎

  24. But the pawn is right there can’t it with its two spaces take out the queen

  25. Yep, all my opponents don't know this. I have been winning games using this. Thank you for sharing this

  26. If that ever happened I would be happy. No one is that stupid

  27. Hahahah chess is not my strategy

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