How To Play Tri-Dimensional Chess (FULL TUTORIAL with index) -

How To Play Tri-Dimensional Chess (FULL TUTORIAL with index)

The Jedi Smurf
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0:30 Theme Ends

0:31 Introduction

2:01 Preface

2:34 Part 1 League Mission

3:17 Section 1.6 Motto & Seal

4:07 Membership

4:40 Article 1 Nature & Objective of the game

4:47 Article 1.1 Nature

5:19 Article 1.2 Objective

6:04 Article 1.3 Stalemate

6:25 Article 2.1 board description

6:35 Article 2.1.1

6:48 Article 2.1.2

6:58 Article 2.1.3

7:22 Article 2.1.4

7:38 Article 2.1.5

7:51 Article 2.2 the pieces

8:09 Article 2.2.1

8:55 Article 2.2.2 the stauton chess set

9:06 Article 2.3 initial position

9:17 Article 2.4 files, ranks & diagonals

9:52 Article 3.1 “overlapping” squares (file & rank)

10:24 Article 3.1.A piece blockage

10:55 Article 3.1.B occupying & capturing

11:42 Article 3.2 The Bishop

12:30 Article 3.3 The Rook

13:45 Article 3.4 The Queen

15:23 Article 3.5

16:14 Article 3.6 The Knight

17:23 Article 3.7 The Pawn

17:28 Article 3.7.A moving

17:44 Article 3.7.B 1st move

18:08 Article 3.7.C capturing

18:32 Article 3.7.D en passant

19:10 Article 3.7.E promotion

19:58 Article 3.7.E.i furthest rank

20:52 Article 3.7.E.ii special situation

21:33 Article 3.8 The King

21:44 Article 3.8.A moving

22:31 Article 3.8.B castling

22:49 Article 3.8.B.i king side castle

23:05 Article 3.8.B.ii queen side castle

23:31 Article 3.8.B.iii losing the right to castle

24:01 Article 3.8.B.iv temp lost to castle

24:23 Article 3.9 Check

25:00 Article 3.10 Attack Boards

25:04 When can move

25:21 Control

25:26 Owner

25:31 How to move

25:37 Adjacent pins

25:49 Pin labels

26:29 Inverting

26:39 Pin Positions

27:08 Article 3.10.1 The Tri-Directives

27:14 Article 3.10.1.A
Tri-Directive 1 – Attack Boards containing only one “piece” or less may move to ANY adjacent pin

27:37 Article 3.10.1.B
Tri-Directive 2 – Attack Boards containing only a pawn can only move to an adjacent pin that is in a forward or lateral direction

28:01 Article 3.10.1.C
Tri-Directive 3 – Only an unoccupied Attack Board may be inverted

28:20 Article 4 The act of moving the pieces

28:47 Article 5 Completion of the game

28:52 Article 5.1 Winning

28:58 Article 5.1.A Checkmating

29:17 Article 5.1.B Resigning

29:30 Article 5.2 Drawn game

29:34 Article 5.2.A Stalemate

30:00 Article 5.2.B Dead Position

30:27 Article 5.2.C Agreement

30:40 Article 5.2.D Repetition

31:31 Article 5.2.E Without move or capture

31:48 other articles titles

33:20 Thank You

For a FULL read out of this document please visit our Facebook group and view the PINNED post titled “Amateur Tri-Dimensional Chess League Greeting & Guide” the Laws of Tri-Dimensional Chess can be viewed by clicking on the 2nd tab **you will need an excel program to read the file** OR click on the “Files” button (under the cover photo of the group) and the 4th file down is titled “Amateur Tri-Dimensional Chess League Law of Tri-Dimensional Chess” and is a .txt file and should be easy to read with wordpad

Wanna play a game? come join us in our facebook group

dont have your own board? no worries, download Doug Keenan’s Parmen program, a Tri-Dimensional Chess program, fun to play against and a great tool in helping you to learn legal moves


  1. +Jedi smurf I will be after the Yule period is over

  2. What is the purpose of inverting the attack boards? And what is the advantage of moving attack boards to other pins?

  3. Where can a pawn that starts in Z1 for instance move? does it jump all the way to z8? provided the space is available?

  4. Where did you buy your board? I really like it, but I can't find any similar boards online

  5. Thank you for including my favorite move, "en passant" captures.

  6. I'm sorry, but you guys really need a reality check, species? Really? What race to other than human are you expecting to show up? Leave the SJW trash alone man.

  7. Dear G-d: The first five minutes are explanations of politically correct statements, approvals, etc. Can you just play the game?

  8. 1:52 "Any gender or species is allowed to participate in" Oh great, I think I'll go play chess with my cat now.

  9. Is it okay to hate wharf rats? I mean I really hate wharf rats…. I know that makes me a bigot, but what can I say, wharf rat genocide. Also as fundamentally moderately uninformed citizen of the Galacticaverse, I propose that we ban intergalactic sorry three-dimensional chess because of its roots in a sexist gender bias culture!! Pawn! I mean first of all that's classism! Bishops, yeah why don't we just fly a flag justifying the religious oppression of millions through the ages….. And knights don't even get me started on knights… Obviously you're a secret supporter of the military industrial complex! And now to my last beef only because I have no idea what the hell a rook is besides a bird that flies and I'm not sure that's what that supposed to be…. So let's just be honest with ourselves here, we're playing a game that is based upon and completely reinforces gender roles, sexism patriarchal medieval draconionism of the best, I mean worst kind! What's up with these moves only certain pieces get to move in certain ways yeah that's really a way to hold people back. And what if white wins! way to reinforce the systematic racism that has for years victimized integrated the black pieces!!!!! I mean no wonder those one white pieces have heads that look like clan hats! Okay everyone I'm sure by now the majority of the content section I'm sorry comment section is with me 100% of crusades that I've taken up the only fair thing to do is to paint all the pieces pink top off all their heads and let every piece move wherever the hell it wants to whenever it wants to. And I think that also every game should end in a tie where both players get a lifetime subscription to reader's digest. Just an idea but just remember if you don't agree with me you are racist Nazi and I'm not buying you ice cream anymore.

  10. Your content is good but it was hard to watch because the mic was so shitty.

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