How to Play Star Trek 3D Chess -

How to Play Star Trek 3D Chess

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The Tournament rules for Star Trek 3D chess

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  1. Bigbang theory brought me here…but I don't understand a thing

  2. DILG Water Supply and Sanitation PMO says:

    That chess is hard

  3. you keep calling it a rook you ass hole. it's a fucking knight, bitch

  4. it's called castling you stupid bitch. not casting. no one should watch this vid cause it's incorrect as fuck

  5. Thank you for the great video but I'm way too dumb to understand anything you said

  6. How does a pawn starting on an attack board move if there aren't any spaces in front of it? Is it forced to wait until it can capture a piece?

  7. How do you keep track of where a pawn has to go to reach the end of the board? Main board pawns and elevated board pawns look the same

  8. Thanks man, this video really helped me a lot

  9. you keep referring to it as "light and black", either pick a shade or pick a colour, "light and dark" or "black and white"

  10. Its castling, not casting. And it is impossible to castle on your first move in traditional chess. There cannot be any piece between your rook and your king in order to castle and, accordingly, it is impossible to castle until you have moved those intervening pieces (the knight and bishop and, in the case of a queen-side castle, the queen).

  11. I feel like this isn't too hard if you try learn it, but it feels highly inefficient…

  12. 999th like. Really wanted the thousandth but at least it's my favourite number upside down🤘🏻

  13. I’m sure other people of down this but I’ll just say it anyway 😂. Castling (not casting) is a special move in 2D chess. It can only be done when neither the king nor the rook have moved, the king is not in and will not pass through check, and no pieces are between the king and the rook. Also, the king and rook do not swap places, rather the king moved 2 spaces towards the rook and the rook ends up on the other side of the king. This applies both on king side (short) castling and queen side (long) castling.

  14. You still said rook after correcting yourself

  15. "…these ones…"???
    Are you serious? Why not just say "theses" or "thoses" if you want to be wrong?

  16. I think casting has to have all empty spaces in between the rook and royal piece so you can do it until at least the 4th turn

  17. When you take salvia but have to play Kasparov

  18. does the player who moves the attack board still have a move to make with their set of pieces and pawns, or is moving an empty or full attack board considered a move in itself?

  19. Thanks for this. It is the most helpful video I have seen about this game.

  20. Doesn’t really sound complicated, just want to play it cuz it looks complicated and would grab my attention

  21. Good video, dumb game sorry, just play normal chess ♟

  22. who came here after watching Shledon and Lenord playing this game on The Big Bang Theory

  23. I just got line for Christmas and I can’t wait to play

  24. I have seen this game "played" in star trek and referenced in many other showsbut this is the first time I've ever bothered to look up the actual rules. The video is a little rough (problem with having to record with your phone) but super informative and not as difficult as I would have thought.

    Also I recently bought a 3d printer and could potentially print this as well so that is a plus!

  25. Thanks for apologizing for your camera, but if you keep it in focus what is there to say sorry about?

  26. 0:26 HOLD ON , HOLD ON…
    Are you seriously ACTUALLY wearing a toga ?


    3:08 That's not a ROOK, it's a Knight
    3:37 that's right….. You've realised your mistake
    3:41 You're calling it a ROOK again after realizing it's not a rook

    Why do you have bring racism into it
    Was that really necessary ?

    7:41 it's not CASTING it's called "CASTLING"
    also.. that's not how castling works
    they don't just have to switch places (Read up on it)

    10:23 the word is spelled as CHESS not CHES

    Please correct all errors and refrain from using any racism in future chess videos 😛

  27. “The rook only has one legal move.”
    “Oh wait, that’s a knight, not a rook.”
    “So, the knight cannot move onto a space where another piece is.”
    “But the rook can move to the floor above.”

  28. I adore the design of your playing pieces. They're irresistably cute little dudes, all solid and complete units, chonky and squat like chibi-ized/Super Deformed anime characters. Their small statures and wide bottoms also help prevent them from toppling over.

  29. So basically when moving up or down to a different board, the piece must move to the new board as early as possible in the movement. Because of this, even if you plan to move your piece past where another piece is, you can’t if there was a square in front of it you could have moved to first. Knights ignore this restraint because they can move through pieces.

  30. You want to make money getting people to watch this. Take the effort to make a decent video. Unprofessional want to be paid.

  31. You might have a 3d chess board but you're using a 1d camera.

  32. I'm sorry but I can't watch a guy show me 3d chess who can't even buy a proper board

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