How to Play 4D Chess -

How to Play 4D Chess

Allen Pan – Sufficiently Advanced
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  1. I wasn't expecting a chess anime opening.

  2. Dude whenever you make a move your opponent is just like "heh, I'm 4 dimensions ahead of you."

  3. He got this idea from blood blockade battlefront 100%

  4. 5 parallel beings truly laughing at us with how stupid we look 🤦‍♂️

  5. Actually looks more fun than regular chess

  6. I appreciate the ngnl op in the background at the end

  7. 5 d is pretty straight forward now just make those 4 cubes 16 … and cry at the complexity x')

  8. Allan Pan: Putting the P-A-N in PAIN.

    Don't be an Allan Can't! Be an Allan PAN.

  9. This is cool and all but its got nothing on 5d chess with multiverse time travel

  10. I would like more explanation about 4D chess. However, the horse is the only piece that moves in the 3rd dimension in a normal game. (Because it jumps)

  11. I showed this to my mom that likes chess very much, and the only thing she said was: "the board is not propperly arranged"…

  12. This is really interesting! With 2d chess, you have 1 board. With 3d, you have 4, and with 4d, you get 16 boards. As the number of dimensions increase, the number of boards quadruple. This means that a 5d chess could be represented by 4^3 = 64 boards. A 11-Dimensional chess could be represented by 4^9 = 262,144 boards. For perspective, grandmasters can play 48 boards simultaneously blindfolded. 6-dimensional chess is probably going to be very difficult, even for grandmasters (the game would involve playing 256 boards simultaneously). Anything beyond that might be humanly impossible to master.

  13. looks like you're going to the shadow realm jimbo

  14. So, since pawns can only move forward in regular chess, i.e. towards the opponents side of the board, would you need to define what "forward" means in the 2 dimensions you've added?

  15. With enough materials and patience, you can go as many dimensions up as you want.

  16. all while im making an online version of N-Dimensional fairy chess where you can make your own variant.

  17. If only they knew 5d chess, now with time traveling and parallel universes, has yet to come…

  18. Wait until Allen hears about 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel…

  19. can someone link me to 4d chess i would like to play

  20. that one weird kid in you neighborhood says:

    Queesns gambit but anime

  21. Back then when we just had 1 Dimension this was really easier

  22. I got a chess ad at the start of this video

  23. I always wished someone would explain 4D Chess to me D:

  24. man so many anime references in one great episode lol

  25. I know how to play chess but what in the actual … Is that

  26. A new piece that can move in three dimensions at the same time would be interesting

  27. When showing the moves in 3d I immediately understood them because it's basically how 5D chess with Multiverse Time Travel handles the moves of it's pieces.

  28. I kinda wish i had that chess set the pieces look pretty slick

  29. This is so cool, why isn’t this an actual thing?

  30. Why are you not selling rules and sets? 🙂

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