How to model a complete Chess set in Maya -

How to model a complete Chess set in Maya

Mike Hermes
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In this 3D modeling tutorial video I will explain how to model a complete chess set


  1. For those who want a perfect 3rd piece just apply smooth first then use difference (boolean). worked or me and it will save some time.

  2. For a few you could have used curve revolutions.  Great tutorial BTW I'm new to maya coming from Blender and finding tutorials has been more difficult than I thought.

  3. This is eerie. I was just thinking about modeling a chess set this morning, before I got on here. Great minds, right?

  4. In regards to the second piece, why did you merge components instead of using the append polygon tool?

  5. Could you model a wine glass. Mainly to see how to render out the glass affect properly

  6. hey nice tutorial. i m using maya 2014 i can't open an image in image plane i reinstalled maya twice. tried deleting the preference files. it shows an error and gives me a green color cross on the stage instead the image. can u help?

  7. wow, this is the best utube channel for maya tutorial, another great tutorial

  8. Hello Mike, Nice tutorial again. Its a great idea, I will use the new chess set to pep up some of my interiors ;-). Thank you very much for your efforts. How do you find time nearly every day for a new tutorial?
    By the way, whats the name of the dog, which is roaming around in your room 😀

  9. Hello Mike. 
    Few questions here: 
    Is it possible to turn on viewcube in viewport 2.0?
    What is the main difference between viewport 2.0 and legacy default viewport? 
    Chess from glass are awesome!

  10. hey mike! its kattington long time no talk, i lost you on fb! Please will you show us how to model a rose? open and closed ? please!

  11. Oh man! So cool you did that. I made a set of my own on blender using the same picture! Nice tutorial. It's time to learn stuff quicker for me though.

  12. I really admire you, Mike, you're great. Have a happy life, guy.

  13. omg i am so glad that i found your channel :') this helps me alot with my assignment!!! Thank you so muchhhh!

  14. may I please have alink of the photo of the chess pieces? thanks.

  15. Hello Mike. Ilike your tutorial so much. By the way, can i have your chess tutorial reference image link? i want to give it a try. Thanks you very much.

  16. Hi Mike, thanks so much for your tutorial. I'm a beginner, and I have not accustomed to all hotkeys in Maya yet, so I need your help. I have a problem with a step at the time 00:55. How could I make Extrude Manipulator appear in to center of selected edge?

  17. Hello Mike, Nice tutorial, thanks a lot. But I just wonder why when i'm adding the glass material for the board it just turns to black color and not turning directly into glass like what you did in your video. Can you explain and give me some direction to fix it?

  18. i followed your chess piece modeling technique and my models look flat for some reason.. do you know a fix for this?

  19. my teacher doesn't want too many construction lines, any tips or have any videos for a cleaner look? I tried to move them and ended up with dents in the chess pieces.(PS- I have videos with my teachers lessons but they come up as audio only on my video app, this is why I'm asking so many questions)

  20. Very Great Tutorial , Thank you for that Sir. Sir I could not Transform Image Plane and all I see is Black in perspective view while I have loaded Image plane in Front view.

  21. i don't understand what shortcuts you use in minute 2:32 for bild the piece 🙁

  22. Which key did you use after using extrude -> w -> R to set the surface? 2:38

  23. You just helped me with my school assignment. Thank you so much!! You saved me from expulsion😭😭

  24. I am not able to extrud exactly how u have exturd through that chess piece

    After scaling if i hit w the hole poly is moving

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