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This is a full length series upload for those who don’t want to go through all 15 tutorials. They’re here in one place now. Creating a game in Unity is simple with these easy to follow unity tutorials. Want to create a cool, fun and easy platform game? Well now you can in these Unity Tutorials. Welcome to the Platformer unity tutorial series where we’ll take elements from many different games out there, as well as create a few of our own ideas. If you are NEW to Unity, this is for you, if you want to learn how to use Unity, this is also for you. We’ll be coding in C#, and you’ll be taught along the way
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✦ Start your game development career today and learn how to make a game through the power of Unity. Every Unity Tutorial at JV Unity costs NOTHING from you, and any support received through YouTube, Patreon or Facebook is greatly appreciated.

Whether you want to make a game like Skyrim, Mario, Minecraft or pretty much anything, we work with Unity to do the basics of a game. We show you how to make a game using the software provided and writing our own code scripts in C#. We use loads of different game development techniques so ultimately, your game can be published on several platforms including xbox, xbox one, ps3 and ps4. We also show you how to make games for Android and iOS. Our Tutorials are easy for beginners to pick up and learn. Some assets are from blender or 3d studio Max too. Enjoy the Beginners Guide to Game Making in Unity.
Who Is Jimmy Vegas?
Jimmy Vegas is one of the top YouTube tutorial developers. In depth Unity Tutorials teaching you how to make a game in unity 3d! My unity tutorials include development, programming in C#, coding logic and more. For beginners, it’s easy how to learn unity with tips and tricks you can make a game for FREE. I provide FREE assets for you to use and learn.

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial, cheers from Hungary!
    But, i have a tiny problem. As i picking up the gems (i have 4) it only count 3000 scores and stop there. And when i reach the finishline the total score has the total amount of scores what i picked up. (so the final score is correct, it just nut adding to currant score after 3000. Sorry for my grammar 😛

  2. Where i can got the rest of the audio you used?

  3. 1:29:33 my script is fine but i i can't drag in (TimeDisplay01 ,02 isTakingTime and theSeconds) is not there
    and i done exactly like u step by step

  4. So I want to make a Game Where you are playing as a reaper and you are tasked with destroying the soul of a being that can destroy the universe. This being is a little girl, so your character refuses and the order of Reapers comes after you. As the game goes on you realize the real threat are 2 ancient beings Cthulhu and Chernobog and you are the only one who can stop them. For weapons you are given 2 fire swords that extend and act like a whip Plasma guns, nova bombs that create a massive explosion, flamethrowers, hidden blades, and a motorcycle that has a flamethrower on the back and guns in the front as well you have chains that work as spike traps for human form in supernatural form you have power over fire you can create fireballs to travel or death teleport, Scythe for killing souls, chains, to grab, abyss portal control, and a light blade that kills reapers or demons you can also freeze time for certain enemies. Would This Be A Good Idea For A Game?

  5. Thanks for making this as I've been dreaming of making a 3D platformer

  6. Very nice tutorial! Thanks!
    There is a slight problem with trying to restart level 2 from pause screen, (when pressing restart the screen goes black and nothing happens).
    Second is that when completing level 2 it goes directly to black screen and nothing happens, forcing you to close game with ALT + F4.
    Other then that it all seems to work perfectly.

  7. Like this is the only complete tutorial out there which puts everything together… Thank you sooo much Jimmy! Thanks a lot🔥🔥🔥

  8. hello my Unity-chan doesnt receive any lights so it is completely a black shadow. Does any know how to fix? thank you

  9. Got my school assignment done with this tutorial. The best complete and versatile 3D tutorial! Thank you and warmth and joy for the winter ❤️

  10. thanks i am going to make a short hellish platformer game.

  11. Good refresher after not using unity for 1.5 years

  12. My timer doesnt stop if i dont collect all gems? Why it can be?

  13. The quarentine has made me want to try out my dream and start making games wish me luck everyone!!

  14. Need help with the Buttons for the pause game , I press the buttons and the game freezes

  15. Note for anyone who can't find the lighting at 39:59: it'll probably be under Windows –> Rendering –> Lighting Settings. They changed the UI slightly.

  16. My platform grip keeps knocking Unity-chan off of the cube 🙁

  17. 2:34:48 For me the snapping thing does not show up anymore. So I can't align in the centre. ANY REASON WHY IT DISAPPEARED?

  18. Super cool. I'm doing it along with the video now.

  19. you are a huge legend man, thank you so much

  20. Now I have completed the tutorial, Can I modify and build upon this game and publish it somewhere for Free? I'll give the proper credits. Thanks for this super video! ♥️

  21. Great course! Really teaches you all the basics you should know before start creating your own game! Feel much more comfortable with Unity now! Thanks a lot!

  22. Can you make an airplane fighting game tutorial?

  23. Anyone know why unity chan player isn’t jumping when I press space bar?

  24. when i fell and go back the score didnt reset? help?

  25. Im gonna try to make a war of the worlds game thanks!

  26. Such a nice tutorial and explanation. Thank you.

  27. Can't find the free assets on the site, only see the completed game

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