How to Create 3D Terrain with Google Maps and Blender! -

How to Create 3D Terrain with Google Maps and Blender!

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Learn How to Create 3D Terrain Maps Free using Google Maps in this Blender Tutorial!
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Dirt Texture:

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  1. Dude, I wish one day to speak as fast as you do and make so many people pause at my videos every 2 minutes

  2. The truth is that something is getting to me because I have a gps location and I can't find how to put it …

    Can someone help me?

  3. So, I've been trying to render a single map. But the map won't show on the render screen (i'm using cycles). Even if I put a new camera on the scene, it won't show, I can't move it, but I can't see it. If I try to see trought the camera, the map won't show, just a strange kinda grid. What am I doing wrong?

  4. This is exactly what I need to do you are genius I love you man keep up the good work

  5. Doesn't give any download option anymore…

  6. He lost me at the "extrude everything down the Z axis"! Somebody HELP.

  7. I love this addon devloper and u MANNNNN….😂😎😎👌👌

  8. I really like playing with this, but somehow whichever location I try to use, the elevation always turns out super flat. I tried all kinds of mountain ridges, etc. I find it quite strange as others don't seem to run into this issue. Edit: I realize that using larger maps tend to end up flatter. When using a smaller section, the height data is much more precise.

  9. Hi, there! Idk if you will read this but I have an issue with the rendering. When I am trying to get the camera in place and look through it my object disappears and I really do not understand why. I've been trying for hours to fix it and I just can't..

  10. A slow down talk would be much better for no power users of blender. To follow up this tutorial is kinda a race against the clock so we can finish under 12mins. This tut could have been a 45 min one and would have gotten much more adoption and appreciation. My 50 cents.

  11. it worked at first, but now everytime i add basemap, my blender freeze

  12. can anyone help me how to render this , because only i see is box in render screen.

  13. When I extrude the terrain it deforms below it

  14. When I click bas map options it's not showing Google or another option

  15. I'm really impressed how it works, but when I export my mountains to stl the are not detailed at all and not distinguishable – how can I export it at a higher quality? I want to print it in 3d therefore I need a detailed stl – thanks for anyone's help!

  16. i cant see any map loaded into blender ! im on macair m1, both blender 3 & 2.93

  17. The mesh doesn't even show up in the camera/render view. This is a crap addon that looks cool but still has a lot of work to be done to it.


  19. Loved this video. Does anyone know how to then take this object and import it into Unity with the materials/textures?

  20. Thanks a lot for this video, it was very helpful!

  21. If this was meant to be a tutorial, its way too fast!!!

  22. 1. Create the landmass of California in Blender.
    2. Import into Unreal Engine 5, add details and turn on Nanite for all fixed mass.
    3. Import RPG-logic/-elements, sound-/music-track from Fallout 1, and basically recreate the game in Unreal Engine 5.
    4. Release it as a 'mod' to avoid it getting taken down by ZeniMax (or Microsoft).
    5. Force Bethesda to remake Fallout 1 to a better version with everything top-notch, with Settlement-mechanics to show a visual and personalized growth and development of the varioius settlements around the map based on player-choice(s).

  23. Dan Williams - Shake, Rattle, and Roll says:

    Certainly better than Photoshop 3D Map Generator plug-in.

  24. How do you lower the points to make the entire surface? I give it to edit vertex and it does not appear

  25. Does this still work, and is it good for cnc machine?

  26. under get osm, elevation from object, doesnt have Export_google_Sat_Wm

  27. When I render the only thing I am getting is the default cube! Any idea why? I have created the map.

  28. does this app Blender Gis work on a mac (Big Sur 11.4) and Blender 2.93? Please advise

  29. Do you realize 5 seconds the speed of your speech!!!! Have you a train or plane to catch? How do you want anyone to take notes and follow what you're doing?

    Do you realize that many of your viewers are probably foreigners and whose mastering of English varies from very fluent to not so and that using the stupid automatic subtitling of YouTube which is generally distorted by the speed and the accent of the speaker makes it impossible to use?

    It's not enough to have the knowledge of a subject to be able to teach someone, it is essential to master one's diction, and control the speed of elocution first of all.

    Your presentation is totally ruined by your incapacity to speak distinctly and at a reasonable speed. You have the knowledge without doubt but you must before teaching learn how to speak and be understandable.

  30. please help me error.In this vedio check 2.15 time point."3D VIEW BLENDER GIS " CREATED " ! " MARK .PLEASE HELP ME SOMEBODY

  31. okay, so but not everything is about digital fantasies.. how do i prepare it for 3d printing?

  32. Can I get a long section and or cross section data from that 3d image???

  33. When you make type of model in blender can you export this as an FBX so you can open it in Rhino and Revit?

  34. Me: Pans around the map

  35. Amazing tool!, I would like to add a layer of new elevation on actual map after having modified the terrain adding or removing material due to civil works, can you give some directions on how to do it?

  36. For some reason when I added the elevation the map turned gray. It still shows elevation but not color or details

  37. Great ! Really time saving if you need a background for your render

  38. Can you keep adding data later manually to the Map?

  39. Im having issues here, when I click basemap in web geodata it says imageio was not installed correctly… any help on that? That you!

  40. When I try to see the map in camera, it is grey. Same with the render, all grey. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me.

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