How Super Mario Maker Faked Its 3D - Tallest Flash -

How Super Mario Maker Faked Its 3D – Tallest Flash

Tallest Flash
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Mario Maker 3D isn’t actual 3D? What? I’m Just using the words Super Mario Maker 3D in this description to get more keywords? All of this, and more explained in this video!

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  1. This only goes for the wii u version, good video still

  2. About the two engines thing Halo 1 Anniversary and Halo 2 Anniversary run 2 engines at once

  3. I always thought the objects, terrain and unanimated stuff were 2D. And then Mario,enemies, and power-ups were 3D.

  4. I think you’re intro is very nice and creative

  5. Bad joke incoming For being called "Tallest" Flash your vid this time is quite SHORT.

  6. I've been looking for this video for almost a year! 2018-2019. It's finally over. Because of Donkey Kong Country😂🙌

  7. Your intro is the same as Gnoggins

  8. I can’t wait for super Mario maker 2 in June! :Note I will edit this in June but I will like this video and I will save it in my new playlist

  9. How are they going to prevent lag on the Super Mario Maker's 2 SM3DW theme?

  10. Je who know how to make a game like that

  11. Hey, nice video! I have a friend who reviews like you. He's at 660 subs rn. Got any advice on how to get higher? His name is Adrian the rad gamer Productions and he makes cool and funny reviews!

  12. FYI, the New Super Mario Bros. Franchise was always a 2D platform game. They didn’t fake it, it just is. Interesting video though!

  13. Well, the textures are in a rectangle, which is in a 3D Model, then the game loads that 3D Rectangle with the textures in it

  14. You beat 40 likes… By about a few thousand

  15. Do you think Super Mario Maker 2 could use 3D models for the New Super Mario Bros U style. I'm saying this because the 3D World style uses them.

  16. The enemies’ animations in new super Mario bros U look horrible

    Especially the hammer bros and magikoopas

    I tried to ignore it, but it looks so choppy

  17. You are so far off the mark. There is nothing 2D about New Super Mario Bros which' Mario Maker uses as a basis for everything. All logic is in 3D, and you most definitely do not have performance issues because of it.

  18. Well duh……. with careful lighting and shading you can make almost anything look 3d. It's really hard but it can be done.

  19. Good video, but tone it down on unfunny puns.

  20. in mario maker 2 does it do the same thing for 3d world theme and if it does, it must have like 100000000000000 times as many sprites!!!

  21. Super Mario Maker 2 uses 2 different engines, yet somehow, with glitches, you can switch items between 2D and 3D styles.

  22. Video: Can we get 40 likes???

    Today: 8,741 likes

  23. This looks more like a normal map than a bump map. Bump maps are grayscale while normals have the blue tint

  24. No, Super Mario Maker not in 3D. They not have "Z" axis so, 3D have "X" + "Y" + "Z" axis (three axis)!
    In square* (2D cube) we have "Y" axis and "X" axis, square can move in "Y" axis (Up and Down),
    And "X" axis (Right and Left), But is this 3D cube he can move to "X" axis "Y"axis "Z" axis,
    He can move to "Z" axis (Backward and Forward).
    So we have "Z" axis in Super Mario Maker? No. We can move to "Z" axis (Backward and Forward)? No.
    And we have 3D camera*? No.
    So, conculution we cannot have 3D in Super Mario Maker! We can move only to "Y" axis and "X" axis! We have only 3D models and items but, 3D models and items stil make this game in 2D.
    The game itself is in 2D and have two axis "X" and"Y"and we can move only to this axis!

  25. Why you think mario maker 3d is not 3d, you know Nintendo will start a lawsuit against you
    Edit: I disliked the vid

  26. Update! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT I DID NOT ANTICIPATE THIS! If you enjoyed subscribe and tell me what to do next!!! I'm so surprised that we might actually hit 40 likes!

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