How Super Mario 3D All-Stars' Controls Work On Switch -

How Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ Controls Work On Switch

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Super Mario Sunshine utilizes the GameCube’s analog triggers to use FLUDD by pressing down lightly or fully for a different effect, but Nintendo Switch controllers do not have analog triggers. How did Nintendo adapt that to work on Switch? Can you use an original GameCube controller to play Super Mario Sunshine on the Switch?

Super Mario Galaxy was built around the Wii Remote and Nunchuck to take advantage of motion controls. How does that work on Switch? Did the developers just move everything to the Joy-Cons or have they mapped button controls? Is there Pro Controller support? All those questions and more are answered in this video.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which includes Super Mario 64 (originally on the Nintendo 64), Super Mario Sunshine (originally on the Nintendo GameCube), and Super Mario Galaxy (originally on the Nintendo Wii), is coming to Nintendo Switch with HD visuals and other improvements on September 18, 2020.

00:00 – Intro
00:24 – Super Mario 64
01:16 – Super Mario Sunshine
03:10 – Super Mario Galaxy
05:05 – Outro


  1. will x on the switch act like y on the gamecube? (for sunshine)

  2. Soooooo… I could use a n64 controller on this?

  3. what if you had a usb Nintendo controller, then will it work the same as pro controller?

  4. i really wanted to get this for my lite cause i've always wanted to play galaxy & sunshine but i was afraid i wouldn't be able to without extra joy cons so this is a relief lmao

  5. I have a wii and I saw the graphics and it was bad but on the switch the graphics are heaven

  6. Quick question how does galaxy work with wired pro controllery

  7. This is my first time playing Galaxy, the esthetics, music and creativity in the levels are amazing but boooyyy that freaking camera, especially when swimming. Why not move it around freely?

  8. ⬆️↗️⬅️↖️⬇️↘️↗️⬆️➡️

  9. Do anyone know what happens when you play galaxy with a wired pro controlelr wich doesen't have gyro so you can't point it at the screen.

  10. I don't have the game but I watch the Video second time.

  11. Can you please post a video To answer my question . Can you please do some Research on super Mario galaxy 2 please for my birthday today !

  12. "U have to remove ur hand off the right joycon" for me its left joycon since im left handed xD

  13. Can you tell me about the y axis is the Galaxy set up…do they offer inverted? And does it only effect the camera or the forward/backward as well…thank you:)

  14. Hey! So I tried pressing A and B to swim, but it keeps me above water, and once I finally get down, it just floats me to the top. Any tips??

  15. I hope its coming the Mario Kart Collection

  16. Its impossible to play mario sunshine with a gamecube controller because ground pound is ZL and that's not on the controller and there is no way to change it.

  17. Reason why wii is better. Got galaxy 2.
    I’m all seriousness love the remasters (but I need my galaxy 2 I get sad whenever I play galaxy 1 on switch knowing I can’t play galaxy 2)

  18. To be honest super Mario sunshine was the most confusing with controls

  19. Can you change the control setup in the GameCube control so it feels like the original?

  20. What if you use it on a wired pro controller that doesn't support motion controls at all in dock mode (on mario galaxy)

  21. I love super Mario sunshine but I hate how the L button is used to open the guide it gets annoying when your playing

  22. hello everyone. i would like to know which Nintendo switch is better to buy since i have my doubts i wanted to ask first. Any advice in what i should get?

  23. I’m trying to play Sunshine on a Switch Lite. I’m finding that the left stick is way too finicky to perform a spin jump. I can perform a backflip, but it always happens when I don’t want it to and never when I do. I’m wondering if that’s just me.

  24. I'm a huge Zelda fan so I wouldn't mind Wind Waker Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. But I really want Metroid Prime 1 2 and 3 Remastered for Switch with motion controls fingers crossed.

  25. I have all 3 games on their respective consoles!

  26. GameSpot predicted Skyward Sword on Switch

  27. I think it doesn’t work well at all and…. you were talking really really fast

  28. I played sunshine when it was "old" and I loved it and still do. The left thumb stick is inverted for aiming though (easy fix in options).

  29. When I was a kid me and my mom used to play this together. I’m buying her a switch because I accidentally broke the game cube and she never got to finish.

  30. Came here to see the controls for super Mario galaxy for emulation so I can map the same controls on my Xbox controller

  31. As someone who actively still uses the Wii-

    My lord, I cannot get star bits the same way I used to and it bothers me so much.

  32. Wow the developers did a great job… That we all had done on dolphin emulator with ps 3 sixaxis controller 10 years ago.

  33. I have a third party Nintendo switch GameCube controller and it’s kinda wired

  34. Are you able to play super mario on the tv?

  35. They should have a way for gamers to play it without touch or motion controls at all

  36. I feel like I’ve got vertigo while playing galaxy. Is there a way to move the camera around using the right a-stick? It pulls up an icon indicating it won’t let me when I try.

  37. so i can’t play galaxy with a usb controller? awww 🙁

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