Hikaru watches xQc play Clubhouse 51 Chess - creating3dgames.com

Hikaru watches xQc play Clubhouse 51 Chess

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  1. Its so obvious he started to snipe Hikaru on the second game. It was literally like watching 2 different players.

  2. Grandmaster at chess watches gaming world play digital version of 7000 year old board on kids console OMEGALUL

  3. What if Hikaru just texted xQc mid game "Make the lobster pincer"

  4. First row piece and thought it was a pawn either a hard kap or his brain is way smaller then we thought….

  5. Just saying if the tournament was held on Nintendo chess it would've been an EZ Clap for xQc

  6. As a person who played in High School Chess, this hurts to watch lol

  7. I loved that random Portugal VS Spain beef goin on in donations lmao PORTUGAL CRLH

  8. Ah yes I’ll just watch the recently uploaded video “ “

  9. The rage I experience watching xQc play chess.

  10. Is XQC profile yoshi because both of their noses are the same size?

  11. Imagine being TL_Busta lol, just trying to have a friendly chess match on his switch gets matched with xqc and has it watched and commentated by Hikaru.. what a life

  12. "who's here after xqc got beaten in 6 turns pepelaugh"
    – every mentally disabled neckbeard ever in this comment section.

  13. being able to see the other player hover their pieces around is an extra layer of funny

  14. I love how he doesnt even react to all the weird ass tts messages

  15. I would love to see hikaru destroy random kids on nintendo online LOL

  16. the shit his chat will pay money to have play over the stream is fucking hilarious

  17. xQc has really made a good living off of people pissing him off with donations. Clever marketing.

  18. Those were the worst designed pieces I have ever seen holy frick.

  19. Is Hikaru wearing a riders hoodie??? Since when was he a fan of saskatchewan??

  20. No wonder this buffoon got mated in 6 by charlie.

  21. I agree with xqc, it'ss hard to distinguish pieces one from another when they all just kinda blend into this one black mesh

  22. It's weird, remember when 7 spam used to be the Meta? It feels rare now.

    Also I love how Hikaru is just getting spammed with Gachi the entire time.

  23. Yikes, you can see he side eyes chat for a lot of his moves when he doesnt know where to play. Kinda disappointing that he hasnt taken much from Hikarus coaching.

  24. Issue is that clubhouse games is super laggy online

  25. that poor dono Sadge i hope he got/gets help

  26. Small brain: paying for diamond on chess dot com
    Big brain: paying for Nintendo online to play chess

  27. I would love to watch magnus play chess in nintendo❤️😂

  28. I saw Hikaru lose years of his life watching this man play chess lol

  29. ummm is this before xqc got coached? because he is playing way way worse here then ive ever seen him play. like he is at toddler level in this. Or maybe he is really bad when it comes to this versus online because of the perspective.

  30. He is 100% right about the difference between OTB and online… I doubt I can even play OTB any more.

  31. Watching this is weird. Why did you make this video? I thought you were dissing on xQc which is whatever, but then you just diss the Switch the whole time which… is just weird. You're like gatekeeping chess by saying playing on a console is dumb… big oof

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