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Hikaru Plays Four Player Chess For the First Time

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  1. Wait I cannot take? Oh it's not my move 5head

  2. Instead of increasing horses movement they should just reduce the reach of all the others to half the bosrd

  3. Could have beat both green and yellow on at least one occasion each in the last game

  4. I know nothing about 4 player chess but am I wrong to assume that by him taking the greens pawn in front of the king instead of castling and moving the rook that would have been checkmate because of reds bishop. I know red would be able to take it but Green would lose before red could take while red protects the queen from the queen?

  5. "They can see arrows" LOL that's a good troll

  6. This is very interesting because you only get one move to deal with 3. There is a chance the other players can make an unwinnable scenario, which is what happened here. I think it could be interesting to have 2 adjacent sides each for two players, so then it's like you each get two turns so you can target things easily, but that risks losing your own pieces more easily. There would also be interesting tactics behind having two win conditions, like would it be beneficial to have both of your kings near each other but both in danger together, or have them split up but potentially make mistakes in defending the wrong one.

  7. Love how your chat trolls you, they can see your arrows. If you just google "can you opponents see your arrows 4 player chess" it tells you that they can see yours and you can see theirs.

  8. 2nd round green was just a Kamikaze. Damn

  9. Chess.com, especially should really consider implementing the 1v1 game mode. It can be experimental at first, but I think it’s something that they should look into.
    There would be less possibilities in terms of combinations , but no one can sabotage anyone else and it would be the greatest way to show mastery on chess.

  10. Love it when we can see grandmasters streaming and playing custom games as these. Does Magnus do anything like this?

  11. Do people still play chess on a way larger board, like idk that weird chess with 3 different tables on each side?

  12. One thing I know about this game is you need to form an alliance for about 2 years

  13. YouTube is now recommending me twitch chess videos because I watched moistcr1tikals chess vid

  14. Am i missing something or should he have not lost the first one? Couldnt he just take the knight after it took the queen? Im quite new to chess in general so excuse my ignorance

  15. the bishops are veeeery powerful in this game!

  16. what is eric koston doing here n why hes playin chess

  17. 4-player chess sucks because trading is no longer a viable strategy

  18. Why did he not take the queen at 18:10? Wouldn’t that take the queen, and promote his pawn to a queen?

  19. I feel like 4-player chess would work better as two teams against each other rather than 4 players all against each other.

  20. bro your background music is fantastic, is this from your own playlist or some YT playlist which you can link?

  21. EDHU BEUS mi canal, Reto al mundo, 172 puntos en chess a 4

  22. EDHU BEUS mi canal, Reto al mundo, 172 puntos en chess a 4

  23. When I played 4 player chess, it was complete chaos as everyone was against each other. The game was eventually a draw but I basically won. There needs to be a 2v2 system

  24. Hmm this is co but i feel like someone needs to make a 1v1 version of this game.

  25. Red is Fire nation, green is Erath nation, yello is air nation and blue is water nation.

  26. EDHU BEUS el canal de ajedrez A 4 en Garzón.

  27. Hikaru: Tries to strategize on a 4-player chess board
    People who’ve played 4-player Chess: There’s no strategy and all you do is eat and eat

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