Hikaru Blunders While Playing SpongeBob Chess! - creating3dgames.com

Hikaru Blunders While Playing SpongeBob Chess!

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Hikaru doing some Reddit React also checks out Spongebob Chess

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  1. When you're a GM and miss mate in 1 with knight to f2

  2. Sometimes I see ads for cartoon chess on facebook and I wonder if actually good people play or if I would just smoke everyone lol.

  3. the square colors being reversed hurts my head

  4. A texture pack is all well and dandy but deep down we're all waiting for the chess update.

  5. dude idc about the reddit stuff more spongebob chess pls

  6. This is the most garbage game I've seen in a very long time. Whoever made this thing should quit life.

  7. Can remember the exact move order of a game he had years ago but can’t recall a conversation in the same time frame

  8. Dev 1 – Hey, how about we make a Spongebob chess game?
    Dev 2 – Oh yeah that's a nice way for kids to get into chess.
    Dev 1 – I haven't played chess in a long time, do you remember how the pieces and squares go?
    Dev 2 – Uhh not really, we can google it.
    Dev 1 – Naaaah, I will just go by memory…

  9. Ok the Spongebob Chess soundtrack did not need to go this hard.

  10. This is why Hikaru is the face of chess pop culture.

  11. Is the board being turned the wrong way part of underwater chess culture?

  12. This title is so fuuuucking stupid and i love it

  13. 1:06 I think seahorse c7 is mate in 1 someone tell me I'm stupid

  14. bot level 5 was pretty hard for me, when I won I was very happy that it's almost too embarrassing to admit

  15. get good how u blunder on a kids game hikaru

  16. It's so sad when a thematic chess doesn't use the opportunity to use different characters on each side of the board. Maybe have something thematic with Plankton vs. Mr. Krabs 🙁

  17. Don't you hate it when u accidentally took the opponent's queen

  18. Really thought he was gonna keep light mode almost unsubbed

  19. when he says "I remember the game" it was like 1 or 5 years before….
    Bro i dont remember what color of underwear i used yesterday….

  20. I don't understand why chess youtubers always speak in the third person for their title.

  21. I kinda wish for hikaru to demolish the game

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