Here's What I Think About Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury -

Here’s What I Think About Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is now out and after playing through the Bowser’s Fury section I was surprised by what I saw. This could change everything we know about 3D Mario games going forward with a really interesting open world concept being shown in this small slice.

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  1. That shadow of the colossus idea was 🔥🤔

  2. It’s a great concept but the bowser fury got repetitive. I wanted to enjoy the island more but I felt bowsers fury ruined it a little

  3. Even if played the base game before it's cool to be able to play handheld. Bowser Fury lots of fun.

  4. It's a twenty dollar game that they are charging sixty for. Hard pass.

  5. Is it anything like odyssey and the stupid cappy hat throw crap?

  6. I have never noticed the framerate at all. I went from 1080 tv to handheld

  7. Once I beat 3D all stars I get bowsers furry

  8. For me, Mario 3D World is the perfect Mario game….
    The levels are nice and short but, so creative and fun. I didn't like Odyssey half as much.

  9. Just a heads up if you go to your local Walmart they have the game for only $49.99 plus tax. I don't know if that's the save in every state but that's the case for us in texas.

  10. I think originally Nintendo planned this open structure world for Super Mario Odyssey but didn´t have the right amount of time because they wanted to support Switch sales within the first twelve months. So they cancelled the attempt and went with the level based structure once more. I am pretty sure they are going for it and this is the beta ground.

  11. They should make a DLC Gamera skin for Giga Bowser.

  12. Dunno if its boring design, or the Switch showing its limits? But this is like a comic artist who draws great looking stylized characters, but sucks at backgrounds. The water was VERY bland and boring looking. Foggy blah backgrounds. It looks like one of those "make your own games" sandbox games where they just had a boring set world and they created a bunch of Mario islands.
    Its $60 for a 9 year old Wii u game i already own with very minor tweaks, I dont give this an "A" for effort…

  13. Bowsers fury felt more like a spiritual successor (side quest) to Mario sunshine.

    Anyone feel it’s weird the lack of Kirby games on the switch compared to the many Kirby games that came out on 3DS?

  14. Four large colossus enemies with their own respective area and puzzle style? Sounds a lot like Breath of the Wild lol

    Nonetheless, still a cool idea to see how it’d be done different for a Mario game.

  15. Browsers fury was really fun just wish there was more of it

  16. How is the co op? It feels like bowser jr’s role is how it would be for Player 2 playing cappy. It doesn’t seem like the obstacles really apply to him. He flies everywhere, so he seems like a support cappy type character

  17. Just get it a walmart its 50 dollars new

  18. So we just not gonna talk about 3D World or???

  19. People in 2013: Man, Mario 3D World sucks. Wii U takes another L. This console sucks!!1!1!
    People in 2021: Wow, Mario 3D World is so much fun. One of the best 3D Mario games ever. Switch with another W.

  20. Does anything happen if you get all the stamps?

  21. Would this be to hard for someone to play if they have no previous experience playing Mario games? Bought this game for my girlfriend and curious if she will think it’s to hard or confusing.. lol

  22. Definitely in my Top 3 Mario games ever

  23. Got the game for £10 less than its MSRP from Amazon

  24. The only issue with Bowser's Fury is the short playtime, I wish Nintendo would have enabled the other 3D world characters to be played in Bowser's Fury. Peach, Luigi, Toad, and Rosalina would have been fun to play as in the world. Might also change up strategies on how you approach obtaining stars.

  25. Mario 3d world is the only Mario game I have never played on a console. Bowser's fury put it over the top Looks great thanks for the review.

  26. Bowsers fury has good mechanics but overall I feel it’s just meh .

    Probably just because it’s not a full game though

  27. 81 shines in my first sitting, I really enjoyed it

  28. Bowser: "Rain fire!"

    Mario: "But Bowser, im-a in the middle of a blue coin run"

    Bowser: "J U S T D O I T"

  29. Haven’t watched spwanwave in quite some time. You’ve been hitting the gym my dude. Good work!

  30. I love that game, been playing it for a couple days now

  31. Frame rate didn’t bother me at all. And I played both, docked and handheld

  32. Lol "wait for a sale"
    You do realize this is a Mario game right? This game is never going on sale (at least not for more than 10% off, MAYBE, but still not anytime soon)
    You'd have a better chance waiting for a Pokémon Collection on the switch, or a fully backwards compatible Playstation that's able to play ALL Playstation games
    "Wait for a sale" XD

  33. I never played this yet even before Bowser's fury came out. But if I loved all previous 3d Mario games, I'd love this one as well? It really feels like open world? I'm thinking of getting it.

  34. t hi is is probly my favoeite mario game

  35. Bowsers fury was really fun, but honestly I would prefer an Odyssey 2

  36. My wife told me years ago " i dont date boys that play video games". 3 weeks after Nintendo Switch she's up later than me, grinding Super Mario. Still tons of fun to play 4 player on this, deluxe and Mario Kart 8

  37. I like how not one of these reviewers noticed that bowser fury actually felt more reminiscent of mario n64, sunshine, galaxy, and oddessy.

  38. I love how Switch owners buy old games but act like it's an almost 10 year old game.

  39. wow nice job on the video i really enjoyed it and to be honest i actually did consider bowsers fury the next big 3d mario game unlike 3d world and land because let’s be honest they aren’t true 3d mario games because if they were they would have to be like galaxy and 64 so thank god nentendo did it right this time with a true 3d mario game bowsers fury hell i Honest to god Only bought 3d world plus bowsers fury literally for bowsers fury considering i could have cared less about 3d world because again it’s not what i’m looking for which is a true 3d mario game like 64 and galaxy and now bowsers fury but anyways awesome video keep up the good work my friend

  40. I was so happy I bought this game because I enjoyed it on Wii U but now I can play it on the go and get this bowsers fury feels more like jak and Daxter but with super Mario 3D world elements

  41. I’ve not played 3D world yet so I’m definitely picking it up absolutely no hesitation.

  42. I love Mario 3D world more the Mario Odyssey.

  43. Does anyone know about the flags on the world map…when you clear levels, some of the M flags are red, some are yellow. I think it correlates with the collectibles, but even that doesn’t make much sense with how I’ve cleared some of these levels. Lol.

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