Gun Bustle — 3D shooting block game (android) trailer -

Gun Bustle — 3D shooting block game (android) trailer

Pixel Shooter Games
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Gun Bustle — is an online action multiplayer 3D game in pixels style.

Google Play:

Top features:
☠️Tense game mode: Holding beacons
🤝Simple and intuitive controls: auto-fire
🔫Huge arsenal of different weapons!
🎭Get skins to your character
🤘Awesome HD pixel graphics
🎉Regular updates

Important tips:
The game requires an internet connection.


  1. Топ кто русский?:-)

  2. Awesome trailer! Good job. Where release?

  3. А я то думаю что так люди играю в неё много(боты) Гоблин, драгон, Алекс, думал это люди а это боты(

  4. Отличный трейлер для столь привлекательной игры

  5. When it's been 1 year of the Trailer but the game isn't released yet:
    No one liked it.

  6. :0 amazing it will be worth it waiting for it to be released

  7. Cmon it has been 1 year and its not released yet? Are u kidding me?

  8. Bro fix your game what is ths update tell me omg

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