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GTA 1 in 3D, playing GTA 1 in First Person and in 3D! Grand Theft Auto 1 in 3D.

GTA 1 in 3D MOD:

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Have you ever wondered what Grand Theft Auto 1 would look like in 3D? Today we take a look at a mod called Duke Theft Auto that combines the Duke Nukem’ engine with GTA 1 thus giving us not only GTA 1 in 3D, but also GTA 1 in FIRST PERSON!

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  1. The first gta game in 3d was made by some real GTA people

  2. Entity_ BlackRed Creepypastas and More. says:

    At 2:10 you were killing people, and then went inside of a school bus, at 2:21, all of the sudden!? Thats funny as hell!!!

  3. The sad part is zaccox didnt even know tbe business man is gman from half life 1 mean he even didnt play old fps game 😔

  4. the EA shrine is there cuz take 2 owns rockstar and EA and 2K and other stuff

  5. I hope you have a wonder day.
    Haha it's weard haha.
    Don't tell your mom🤫🤫

  6. This is very interesting to see how it looks now in 3d

  7. GTA 1 in 3D was made after minecraft was made

  8. too detailed for a 2D game and was made in 1997 =)))))

  9. Play GTA 1 GTA 2 in keypad phone or smartphone

  10. "It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and i'm all out of gum."

  11. I was so hyped for this on the PS1. Had to get my dad to buy it for me, as the shop wouldn't sell it cause I was under 18.

  12. Duke Nukem and GTA1 combined. if I saw this back in the 90s I would die lol those were my 2 favorite games back then

  13. Imagine GTA 1 cars mods on GTA v

  14. How do you go in thirdperson. it won,t let me do thirdperson.

  15. I think gta 1 map is best especially liberty city

  16. Gta 2 is one of my favorites. I really wonder how "Anywhere City" looks lol

  17. It looks like baldi basics has turned into baldi thug life. 😆

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