Goombageddon: Mario Bros -

Goombageddon: Mario Bros

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Mario is possibly the greatest hero in the gaming world, but how do his enemies see him? From the spore-covered lips of the sole Goomba spared to tell of his power, hear the true story of the murderous mustachioed MONSTER that is Mario.

Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Written by Matt Highton
Animated by EpicFaceFist
Voice of Narrator and Additional Voices by Steven ‘Sarifus’ Kelly
Voice of Gun Mad Goomba and Additional Voices by RicanFly
Sound Design, Music Edit and Additional Voices by Jason Alan Dewey
Music Curation by Tom Jenkins

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  1. This is like when Darth Vader slaughtered those rebels in Rogue One.

  2. He always leaves one alive to tell the tale

  3. After this video, I'm never killing another goomba again! 😀

  4. Chris Pratt (Mario): Tell the other what you saw

  5. See, clearly the goomba took too much inspiration from his goomba friend. Arms are great, but in reality what they really need is some stronger head gear.

  6. Why did his scar change from left to right to left

  7. Man this brings me back to those "mario power star fan films" you know the one with the ghosts and power stars

  8. The only way they can beat mario is by kidnapping mario brother luigi

  9. Mario isn’t an honorable fighter! He killed the buff laser goomba without him knowing.

  10. Was anyone else expecting the doom guy to come out of the pipe instead of Mario?

  11. Mario POV: playing the game normally

    Goomba POV:Armageddon but goomba version.

  12. Peach: rip and tear until it is done

    Mario : wahoo

  13. I love the new super mario bros u Deluxe ultimate

  14. I like the httyd “nightfury get, down” reference

  15. I could literrally hear the song "Minions" in my mind while watching this video.
    All these poor minions, slaughtered by psychotic plumber. 😅

  16. This has to be one of the most darkest thing I’ve seen you make

  17. What Goomba see: War

    What player see: Just ordinary color fun game

  18. I find the animating so satisfying tho..

  19. Tella the others…..Tella them what you saw here today….

  20. If I was a Goomba I would never be a veteran.

  21. I fear no man. But that thing… It scares me.

  22. Tell the others….tell them what you saw here today…

  23. I was hoping that instead of asking him to tell the others he would just say “wanna go go kart racing or have a party sometime?”

  24. Only if one the idiots were armored could fly and had spike with cannons

  25. this is sonic the hedgehog vs Nintendo characters and elves Kirby alive

  26. Yeah if it was like a speedrun its not war just a runin man

  27. The only good ads on YouTube

  28. Imagine just playing a mario game, jumping around, collecting coins and power ups, and then you see a goomba military.

  29. The real question is, when did the second spared goomba get the scar when they weren’t hit by anything?

  30. Crazy thing is, we actually took the worst part of this one out!

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