Goodwill Score! 3D Chess - 1967 Lynn R. Johnson -

Goodwill Score! 3D Chess – 1967 Lynn R. Johnson

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Another Goodwill Score! This time a 1967 Lynn R. Johnson 3D Chess set for $22. Set was never assembled. I changed that tonight. Pretty neat seat. Similar but not the same as the ones on Star Trek. But I dig it! Post up any info or comments you have on this one. Thanks!

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  1. Cobra, No you haven’t taken up a lot of my time. Very cool. That has ties to The Big Bang Theory as well as Star Trek

  2. Cool! I got some goodies I need to mail ya. maybe next week.

  3. 3D chess looks cool👍 Hope all is well and safe at the Snake…..PIT!

  4. Pretty cool find I have something on way should be there Monday

  5. thats cool. never played. i was a big chess player in school. loved the game.

  6. needs a set of the glass pieces . well maybe not. i was just typing that when you mentioned weight. lol.

  7. Pretty cool but I'm more of a checkers kind of guy 🤣🤣

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