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Golf Royale: Online Multiplayer Golf Game 3D – Android Gameplay

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Golf Royale: Online Multiplayer Golf Game 3D is a new free golf game for Android where you can challenge players from all over the world in exciting PvP matches!

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Ready to become the champion of the golf course?

Welcome to Golf Royale – a brand-new free to play golf game with battle royale mode, beautiful courses and different characters to choose. Grab your club, place the ball and aim for the win. Be watchful though – any of your golf rival want to be on the top too! Dive in and enjoy exciting multiplayer PvP golfing, splendid golf courses and dozens of gear to choose. Golfing games were never so fun!

Golf Royale features:

Join online multiplayer golf with up to 10 friends or players from all over the world
Watch other players moves in in real time
Pick and customize your character
Choose your golfing gear such as golf clubs, balls or even gloves
Discover gorgeous golf courses and become true master of golfing games

Playing golf games was never such fun!

Whenever you want to have some good time or just relax – Golf Royale is there for you. Choose from several beautiful courses and arenas, enter the golf game and enjoy one of the most epic and smooth golf games in time. Be careful though – playing golf games with friends in real time can be very hooking! Will you accept this golfing challenge and join the golf battle?

Aim and shoot!

Many golf games are pretty much the same. Golf Royale offers you incredibly enjoyable, battle royale oriented gameplay based on your own technique and aiming skills. You want to play it neat and precise, or maybe you’d rather go for strength and hit the ball as hard as you can? Every golf master has its own style so it’s totally up to you! Remember though – your golf rival can also be a good player and there are plenty of them in golf games!

Quick Golf Royale tips:

Earn as many coins as you can. Fancy golfing gear is awaiting.
Develop your own golfing skills and technique.
Try yourself in battle royale, compete and win fantastic prizes.
Be focused and become a true skill games master.

Can you feel the golf rush?

If you do – it can bring you some nice trophies! Becoming a golf star is not a piece of cake, but seeing other golf rival trying his best in the art of golf games can be very inspiring. In Golf Royale you can matchup with others and win tournaments. So prove yourself worthy and make your place among golf legends. Golfing should be your top priority! Especially when you can play multiplayer golf game with your friends!

Time to play golf game with friends!

It seems like you know everything about our golf game now. It’s time to show others how good player they are dealing with. Can you join a golf battle and become a golf master in a blink of an eye? Remember – golf legends are made by practicing and playing golf every day. So don’t waste your time, pack your clubs and head up to a great golf game adventure with Golf Royale!

There’s nothing like good golf games with battle royale gameplay. So make yourself comfortable, get a cup of tea and enter the world of Golf Royale. Remember – you can play this multiplayer golf game totally for free! So jump in, choose your character and enter the golf battle royale for hours. Download Golf Royale now and join the golf battle yourself!

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