Godot 3.1: Creating a Simple 3D Game: Part 1 (Intro, Nodes & 3D Physics) #GodotEngine - creating3dgames.com

Godot 3.1: Creating a Simple 3D Game: Part 1 (Intro, Nodes & 3D Physics) #GodotEngine

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Thanks for watching! In this Godot Game Engine tutorial I cover:
– A little about the Godot Game Engine (history, development, technology used, etc)
– Where to download the Godot Game Engine, and what platforms it is available for. (, for Win / Mac / Linux)
– Godot’s Interface: panels (docks), workspaces, viewports
– How to navigate the 3D viewport: mouse and keyboard view controls, splitting the viewport into multiple view. Keyboard shortcuts for views (front/side/top)
– Introduction to Nodes: building blocks of a Godot game, which are created in a node ‘tree’.
– Creating a 3D scene including rigid body objects, static objects, collision shapes, light and camera.
– Playing a game scene with physics running where blocks fall and tumble on the ground floor.

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  1. I used your tutorials for blender game engine and now i need godot and you still make tutorials i need

  2. I wish I could make a game, but I don't even have enough patience to watch a tutorial for more than 2 minutes…

  3. plane shape is working me ( Godot_v3.1.2-stable_win64 )

  4. a question: what are the drawbacks of just resizing the whole object group instead of editing the mesh and hitboxes separately? anything to do with the performance of the game or is it related to organizing the project?

    thank you for the help, i appreciate the videos <3

  5. how to make the collision shape follow the box every time i move it bcs i have to move it when i move the box

  6. I want to be in your School where you teach 🙂

  7. Do you have any intermediate godot tutorials? I'm new to godot but not new to dev or game dev. I like your tutorial style but it's too beginner for me to keep focused.

  8. Awesome, one of the best tutorials I have ever stumble upon. Very well done.

  9. You can tell this guy is a high school teacher just from his voice.

  10. Its good, but my camera is too dark. do you know why that is?

  11. So would u see this as better then the blender game engine over all to work in i just got in to watching this series and looks very cool! I cant wait to see where u take this one and what else u all do with this i can see lots of odd things i could do with this for sure!

  12. You are the very best tech tutor I have come across in a long while…clear explanation, well structured and most importantly no prior learning assumptions made what so ever. A fabulous intro into Godot…thank you so much.

  13. by far this is the best godot tutorial on youtube

  14. hi thank u sooooooo much for this series because i started wanting to be a developer and i didt even know how to make a box so thanks, ; ]

  15. omg, just teh tutorial i need. theres not a lot of people who do 3d beginner tutorial on godot…

  16. What I understood
    . Collision Shape is the "hitbox" an object has and mesh instance is the object

  17. Just finished going thru all parts of the 3-D series, it was a great overview of the program and worth the time.

  18. If ur reading this comment…
    1. Like this vid
    2. Subscribe
    3. Do NOT skip any part of this vid.
    4. Stop reading this and watch the vid

  19. lol w and s are weird controls to you? you have played pc games right? Thanks for the vid tho.

  20. This is like the best godot tutorial in the world!!!!

  21. I don't know how to handle this engine thnx for your help

  22. How do you get the camera to work? Every time I press play it's a gray screen.

  23. help my editor is high quality but when i playtest it its really low quality how do i fix this

  24. good video but think it could have been at least half as long. may be boring to me but good on you for giving full descriptions with names in the beginning

  25. lol i pronuce godot like go-dot instead of ge-dout

  26. This video was beautiful. The explanation of every component of the engine is great. Subscribed.

  27. how do i orbit on laptop without mouse wheel

  28. This is a great introduction if you just started off with godot

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