GAME OVER - Please, Don't Touch Anything 3D (VR) -

GAME OVER – Please, Don’t Touch Anything 3D (VR)

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With all 30 endings found, the finale of Please Don’t Touch Anything is ready to be uncovered!

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Please, Don’t Touch Anything 3D ►

Itro – Panda [NCS Release]


  1. Every time he says what’s up guys I say duh the roof dumbass

  2. there are two lights use the other one in the back of the countainer

  3. The RYYB thing is actually an Easter egg to the first game

  4. Can't believe he missed how the space baby, monolith and monkeys were a 2001: A Space Odyssey reference.

  5. I feel bad for him when he gets the illuminati

  6. I hit the watch in vr button and…HOLY FUCK IS THAT NAUSEOUS

  7. He should try to use the purple light and click the reset button with the light on the secret ending

  8. After you complete the 20th Ending – The Stanley Parable Ending, a passport should appear in the bottom right corner. A man should appear on the screen, deny him entry by clicking the red stamp

  9. but seriously why the hamsters?

  10. Hi I’ve been watching yii oh since I was 4 and I’m 12 now and with a phone I just came back to memory lane keep making great bids i will always be here watching you love your vids hope you see this comment have a great day

  11. Fun fact: you can beat the game in only one ending

  12. "do you have something to say to me big boi?"
    its a door that someow generated in your room i think

  13. Were you at home in a few minutes to get a good time

  14. Its first time I have in my life is not a new one for you to get a good time

  15. Were you its white house and cover with a new one for you of the for the of a new book

  16. Maybe try doing the clock the same way you did it last episode except not looking back this comment might not be helpful

  17. Omg we were stanly the whole time we learnd our name in the end of the game

  18. I love you play VR and i think we all accept that you play other things aswell i Also love and i mene LOVE you play solar smash you shold play room and city smash!!!(love your vids)

  19. The waiting input is from the Stanley parable

  20. “We still have no idea what this machine is” we know what it is, it’s a coffee machine 🙂

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