First Person Mario -

First Person Mario

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What Mario would look like if it was a sweet next-gen first person shooter!

After not touching 3dsMax since the mailboxes in Jedi Assholes, Brandon decided to get his 3d chops back with some Mario action. We’ve been working on this in the background for the last three weeks. Don’t expect full 3d movies on a weekly basis, it took over 60 hours to render Mario 1-1 out!

3dsMax, FumeFX, and After Effects were used to make this.




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  1. you guys had a video that was a behind the scenes with how you made this i cant find it :<

  2. Man I remember watching this as a kid ngl I always thought this was a upcoming real or fan game

  3. ROCKETJUMP: first person Mario

  4. This video is nostalgic. I remember my day on my computer whem i was an kiddo. I thinking now, man how much it passed and we still have creative videos til nowadays. I love youtube beacause of this.

  5. All the Black Ops references, now I’m even more in love with this than I was back in the day

  6. Be honest, everyone watched this when they were younger.

  7. Disliked. This isn't Dead Rising. Thanks stupid google serach.

  8. You can tell this is old because it does a shitty "Mushrooms are drugs lol" joke when Mario gets the Mushroom. Mentions Acid for some reason which makes even less sense.
    I feel like if someone did this now it would actually look good.

  9. Oh wow, people actually think this is a good idea and not a terrible gimmick that would wear out it's welcome very quickly.

  10. Time to make another one of these, but one of those insane speed run levels lol

  11. this is a fpp mario right but at 3d, it has depth. i really wanna know what is 2d fpp looks like…

  12. Thought this video was some weird fever dream I had as a kid but it’s actually real 😳

  13. Who's watching this video in December 2020?

  14. At 0:56 if you look closely, the empty block in the middle turns back into a "?" Block.

  15. i want the star man theme to be its on video like a music video

  16. i know everyone of you guys that watched this as a kid thought this was the coolest thing ever

  17. As a 90's kid, i really wish you make more of this mario's perspective bro, it's just very satisfying.

  18. Damn I remember this so much that I think I remember downloading a version of this game but with New Super Mario Bros Wii music in it instead and I died on 1-3 because of me not getting used to keyboard controls at the time so yeah I think that version's gone now but it was awesome when I played it. Keep in mind (or in your notes haha) the graphics were kind of similar to this.

    Youtube: This is fine

    Someone: Says ''heck''

    youtube: be gone

    однако я люблю таких рыбаков .

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