Fictional BUILDINGS Size COMPARISON | 3D [Real Scale] 🏠 -

Fictional BUILDINGS Size COMPARISON | 3D [Real Scale] 🏠

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⭐️Hello everyone, this video shows some fictional buildings / structures (Movies, series, video games …). Obviously not all, only some more prominent. Some buildings have been left out because they are impossible to measure, or because they are in real life. Buildings that have a margin of error (±) are measured by myself.


Final Boss – Myuu
Spine Chilling Cardiac Tension – Biz Baz Studio
Etherial Choir Ascends – Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
A Stranger Thing – Bruno E.

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  1. The fact that the Haven Palace is there was the best part of this video.

  2. Barad-dur is an entire fortress, not a single tower – Tolkien’s description is explicit about that. And it would almost certainly have been much higher than 1500 feet.

  3. Wheres Wonder Tower batman Arkham city

  4. With Earth gravitation construction can't be more than 9 000 – 10 000 m. Will sag under its own weight.

  5. Not including the Minecraft woodland mansion was a missed opportunity

  6. Am I the only one who was waiting for Kamino’s cloning facility to appear?

  7. The emperor of mankind laughs (telepathically) at your puny buildings from the imperial palace.

  8. The thing that I would most like to go to is the Minion beach from despicable Me 2 or Jurassic World

  9. For some reason, Giant plankton is almost as big as a human.

  10. You missed the central building of Ultramans planet, Nebula M78 The Land of Light

  11. Shoot, I woulda asked for Wallace Corp from Bladerunner 2049!

  12. Where's the space colonies from mobile suit gundam?

  13. Minecraft Animation And Gameplay Fan says:

    Octan Tower Tip Will Be Roughly 1000m

  14. Atlantis from stargate. cool video by the way.

  15. You missed Kami's Lookout, Korin's Tower is actually only halfway up the Lookout.

  16. 1: Walls of The Tower?
    2: Doofenschmirtz Evil Incorporated?
    3: The Dome from Simpsons?

  17. What is listed here as "Volkshalle" may be in "Wolfenstein" but in fact is from Adolf Hitler's & Albert Speer's ideas for the new Berlin, called Germania as the new capital of the world after the Endsieg…
    The real name would have been "Grosse Halle des Volkes".

  18. What about Dracula's castle from Castlevania?

  19. 1.18 Minecraft will allow 320 m tall buildings, but with modpacks you can theoretically set it to infinity.

  20. 3:05 so glad you put the Shrine of Worship in here! Would’ve liked to see some other structures from that game (Like Argus’s lair or Kuromori’s temple) but it was still cool seeing the SoW!

  21. after the lats two domes, it would've been nice having the simpsons movie dome

  22. Jedi temple not imperial palace let’s honour our fallen heroes


  24. The tallest building ? You mean Geoffs house

  25. I guess they can't scale the house of oggy and the cockroaches

  26. I’m a little disappointed not seeing the BFG10K

  27. So Emperor Palpatine turned the Jedi Temple into his own palace, damn that’s just rubbing salt in the wound. I wonder how long it took him to get the youngling blood stains out of the carpets, also the stench probably wasn’t too good.

  28. Did not know barad dur was that much bigger than orthanc. I always assumed they were similar in size.

  29. This was so awesome! But I didn’t see the Death Star in this, 🙁

  30. Wayne Tower from the Dark Knight is the Chicago Board of Trade, a real building that stands 184 meters tall. They also use exterior shots of the CBOT for Wayne Tower in The CW's Batwoman.

  31. I would have put up the tower from cyber city oedo 808. It's so large you have the world's largest gyroscope to keep it from falling.

  32. actually, I was expecting Stonehenge (ace combat) to be in it as it's really big

  33. i feel like Atlantis from Stargate should be here but then it should also be listed in cities and spaceships so….

  34. It has been very hard to make this video, but it is finally here, I hope you enjoy it.

    Ha sido muy difícil hacer este video, pero finalmente está aquí, espero que lo disfruten.


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