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Evolution of Mario in 3D Games (1996 – 2018)

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This video shows off the Evolution of Mario in the 3D Super Mario game series.

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00:00 – Super Mario 64 (N64, 1996)
01:30 – Super Mario Sunshine (GCN, 2001)
03:30 – Super Mario 64 DS (DS, 2004)
05:22 – Super Mario Galaxy (Wii, 2007)
08:36 – Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii, 2010)
10:11 – Super Mario 3D Land (3DS, 2011)
13:18 – Super Mario 3D World (Wii U, 2013)
15:26 – Super Mario Odyssey (Switch, 2017)


  1. Does the 2 Luigi mansion games count. They are both 3D

  2. Poor mario kart games. All of them were in 3D.

  3. Paper Mario series??? I get that it’s not technically mainline but still paper Mario is a 3D Mario game

  4. 5:23 I don't Care with people saying this Ost will still Emotionnaly forever for me

  5. I'm might be the minority out there. But when it comes to 3D-collecthon Mario games, I rather have it be linear; while still having more exploration and branches of pathways for shortcuts, new areas for an different mission or hidden goodies, than an open sandbox exploration.

    The reason why is because I like to travel in an lengthy pathway in an sense that it feels like an grand adventure and it's fun to travel for new areas that isn't just an background; while there's also multiple path that can lead you to either an shortcut or another mission. Kinda like the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy on the PS1 handles. The Galaxy games did it so well and it's one of the reasons why they're my favorite 3D Mario games. I wanted to see something more like the Galaxy games to handled an linear 3D Collecthon Mario game done in there own and done well.

    The way the open sandbox exploration works in an 3D collecthon Mario games didn't work Mario at all in my honest opinion. There are times where I'm on top of the platform in that world and they'll be times where I fall all the way down and I have to go back in an long distance all over again & I'm not a fan of it. I also feel like the way they penetrated these games weren't all that impressive like Red Coins and other stuff. And there are things from each of these games that I don't like.

    . 64 was the revolutionized for it's 3D appearance & does have some good moments. But the way it's design in a game is very underwhelming. Everytime you grab an Power Star, you sent back to the hub world and go back for another star, collecting 100 coins is an chore to do and there are secret areas that when you die, you head back to the hub world, go back to the area and than there is checkpoint where you enter that secret area instead of giving you an option to choose other missions; while sort of an savior, kinda feels off.

    . Sunshine is the absolute worst of it. While it does some improvements over 64 mechanically, it also makes the whole open ended thing worst than 64 in my humble opinion. No optional, having to go all the courses & episodes 1-7 to get to Corona Mountain instead of just how many Shine Sprites u need is retarded, 100 coin missions is even worst here since you'll be kick out of the level back to the hub world instead of continuing the level like 64 did and how they're only in 1 or maybe 2 episodes to get all 100 coins that you need to find, missions that are either repetitive or doing the exact and pointless missions like Red Coins, spraying goop more or chasing Shadow Mario in every 7th episodes or finding another secret courses and how the Shine Sprites is in it's placements are just tedious and this part of collecthon stuff isn't really an collecthon. The game is just has way to much linearity going on, despite being another open sandbox exploration like 64 was.

    . Odyssey might as well be the best one since it does the whole open ended world better than 64 & especially Sunshine. But even that game has it's share of problems. Way to many filler moons & repeated missions ( Though not as bad as Sunshine is iMO ), not alot of content after postgame ( could've added more kingdoms besides Dark & Darker Kingdom for the amount of Power Moons to collect ), most of the level themes could've expanded alot of variety better ( with the exception of New Donk City, Luncheon Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom & Bowser's Kingdom. Those were good. ) and the Cloud & Ruined Kingdom could've been expanded more. It's still an good game and definitely the best open sandbox exploration Mario game. But could've been alot better.

    I know I'm the minority out there & I know there are people that likes an open world sandbox like 3D Mario game. That is fine if you prefer it that way. But for me, I just prefer the more linear 3D Collecthon Mario game rather than an open sandbox exploration. I just don't think it works on Mario that well. If they make another 3D Collecthon Mario game in the future, I rather they go back to the way the Galaxy games handled linear very well than another 64 open ended route. But that's just how I feel & I know I'm not the only one. If I want to play an 3D collecthon platforming game with open sandbox exploration that does it very well, I'll play Spyro the Dragon or anything like Spyro with it's perfectly open ended world than Mario's anyday.

  6. I gotta say, Mario's character modeling and animation in Super Mario 64 DS bears a strong resemblance to Super Mario Sunshine. It pretty much looks as if it is Super Mario 64 on the GameCube.

  7. 5:51 me quede con las ganas de que golpeara el bloque

  8. ●Mi Calificación a Los Juegos de Mario 3D 🎮:

    🌟Super Mario 64 (1996): 🌟9.6 de 10 (96%)
    🌟Super Mario Sunshine (2002): 🌟9.5 de 10 (95%)
    🌟Super Mario 64 DS (2004): 🌟9 de 10 (92%)
    🌟Super Mario Galaxy (2007): 🌟10 de 10 (100%)
    🌟Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010): 🌟9.5 de 10 (95%)
    🌟Super Mario 3D Land (2011): 🌟8 de 10 (88%)
    🌟Super Mario 3D World (2013): 🌟9.4 de 10 (94%)
    🌟Super Mario Odyssey (2017): 🌟10 de 10 (100%)

  9. The graphics on Mario started to look good was on the game cube

  10. Imagine in a alternate universe Nintendo accidentally makes Super Mario 64 the 64th Mario game 😂

  11. Mario 64 still looks amazing for N64 standards.

  12. Super Mario sunshine was made in 2002 not 2001.

  13. 3D land and 3d wold are the best without a doubt

  14. 2:09 the graphic looks better than pokemon sword and shield

  15. Super Mario 64 DS was my childhood 3 tm 5.
    Super Mario 3D World (my favourite) was my childhood 6 tm 11 (now).
    Super Mario Oddyssey was my childhood 9 tm 11 (now).
    Super mario 3D-All stars is my childhood 11 (now).
    Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Furry, Galaxy 2 and 3D Land am gonna buy, childhood: future (12).

  16. i love super mario 3d world. It looks good, its fun, its just a great experience.

  17. I played all of these hard to pick a favorite tho

  18. then he knows that he got the things wrong its post to be 1996 to 2017 but he put 1996 2018

  19. I played the 1996 game thinking this is latest in my childhood

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  21. The games of my childhood are
    3D world
    And 3D land
    And I have Mario odyssey

  22. 3:30 man i love this remake, i dont understand why very people hate this (sorry for my english i speak spanish XD)

  23. in the video in mario 3d world you can press this butten to get a power you coleckted if you have clected a nother powerup when yuo have on a power up already and the butten is this buten-

  24. Yoshi is the most powerful character in mario

  25. Super mario sunshine lik for 2002 had extremely good graphic quality

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