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Evolution of Lava Levels in 3D Super Mario Games (1996-2019)

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This video shows off the Evolution of Lava Levels in 3D Super Mario Games!

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  1. Super Mario Sunshine (2002 – Nintendo Game Cube)

  2. Great work! These videos are really entertaining to watch! I have a few suggestions:
    For Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, just show one mission. Don't trigger more than one star.
    For Super Mario Sunshine, why didn't you show the rest of the level with the boat?
    Also, when you collect a star or a shine sprite or a star medal or a green star or a stamp or a power moon, can you make sure that they're not already collected so it looks new. Maybe don't play on a 100 percented file.
    Also, don't edit out any deaths.

  3. What happened to Melty Molten Galaxy? :-/ That's known as one of the best 3D Mario levels

    Also Mount Volbono somewhat counts as a lava level

  4. Mario games have to many lava levels these days

  5. Evolution of ski levels in mario 2d games

  6. Guys dont add bad comments,he tries his best for all of this!

  7. Hey, lo sai che non sai proprio giocare?

  8. Definitely missed Melty Molten Galaxy from Galaxy 1

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