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Evolution of Final Bowser Battles in 3D Super Mario Games (1996-2019)

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This video shows off the Evolution of Final Bowser Battles in 3D Super Mario Games!

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00:00 – Super Mario 64 (N64, 1996)
01:30 – Super Mario Sunshine (GCN, 2002)
03:41 – Super Mario 64 DS (DS, 2004)
08:18 – Super Mario Galaxy (Wii, 2007)
11:49 – Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii, 2010)
18:06 – Super Mario 3D Land (3DS, 2011)
22:11 – Super Mario 3D World (Wii U, 2014)
27:20 – Super Mario Odyssey (Switch, 2017)


  1. Did anyone notice that the Super Mario Galaxy (1) boss fight was not the final one?!? I think that is the bedroom's final battle, but it is defenitely not the final one. 😂

  2. You should do evolution of final bosses in rpg mario games.

  3. Years have passed but things haven't changed a slight bit. I am pretty sure that even after a decade Mario and Bowser will still fight. I imagine them both very old still trying to beat one another. Lol

  4. 64 was my least favorite, Bowser was poorly made and looked young for whatever reason. And the battle seemed Plain and boring, but on the DS, Yes, Bowser was better animated, but still plain and boring. But any how the others were very well made

  5. The Super Mario Galaxy Bowser battle is my personal favorite.

  6. The meowser one is the best
    BTW I didn't know Bowser had hair until Nintendo animated it in Super Mario Oddessy

  7. Hey sully you should do another play through of partners in time because it will probably be like the dream team

  8. That’s not the final bowser fight in galaxy

  9. Dah! Muh! Hoo! Hoo! Ouh! Ouh! Yah! Hoo! Hoo! Yah!

  10. "So long gay Bowser"? Seriously?
    It's one of the stupidest things I've ever read, people's nonsense will always surprise me.

  11. Mario: Thicky Nicky

    Peach: Flatty Patty


    SkInNy LeGeNd

  12. super mqrio 3d lqne 3ds To go pro a pas que les autres sont aussi

  13. Madre mia asi era el enemigo de mario se veia bien feo pero ya pasando el tiempo mejoro :b

  14. Mario : So long, Gay Bowser!
    Bowser many games later : I'm not gay i'm a furry.

  15. 8:20 thats not the final bowser battle thats the first bowser battle smh

  16. In my opinion, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the best one from this video

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