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Evolution of Final Bowser Battles in 3D Mario Games (1996-2021)

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This video shows off all Final Bowser Battles in 3D Super Mario Games!

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  1. Bowser’s Fury’s final boss may look fun but I still think Odyssey’s is the best.

  2. Sully how come you haven't posted on your main channel? Just curious

  3. My favorite boss Bowser is Super Mario Galaxy.

  4. 0:00 Super Mario 3D All Stars – Super Mario 64
    4:26 Super Mario 3D All Stars – Super Mario Sunshine
    6:29 Super Mario 3D All Stars – Super Mario Galaxy
    11:58 Super Mario Galaxy 2
    18:09 Super Mario 3D Land
    22:08 Super Mario 3D World
    27:22 Super Mario Odyssey
    37:40 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

  5. That was first Bowser battle in Super Mario Sunshine on Switch.

  6. Te adoro muito muito muito Nintendo,vc é incrível nos jogos,tá q vc pode não ser brasileiro,mas me nota por favor

  7. Hope Nintendo will make Super Mario odyssey 2

  8. 00:00Super Mario 64 ( Nintendo 64 ) 1996
    4:26Super Mario Sunshine ( Nintendo Game Cube ) 2002
    6:29Super Mario Galaxy ( Nintendo Wii ) 2007
    11:58Super Mario Galaxy 2 ( Nintendo Wii ) 2010
    18:11Super Mario 3D Land ( Nintendo 3DS ) 2011
    22:08Super Mario 3D World ( Nintendo Wii U ) 2013
    27:22Super Mario Odyssey ( Nintendo Switch ) 2017
    37:41Bowser's Fury ( Nintendo Switch ) 2021

    22:08 = 37:41Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury ( Nintendo Switch ) 2021

  9. 22:17 Bowser: I have a bell! Bwa ha ha!
    Mario: Oh! No! Is Tiger bowser!

  10. Bombarded Slots of Incomprehensible Madness says:

    Idea: Evolution of the Hardest CPU difficulty in Mario games.

  11. If there's one thing you can give the 3D Land/World sub-series, it's that they probably have the most memorable final bosses

  12. wow nice job on the video i really enjoyed it but to be honest i don’t know why you’d have super mario 3d land and world here they’re not true 3d mario games like capten toads treasure tracker and oddisy are but that’s just my opinion anyways amazing video keep up the good work my friend

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